Exclusive The Force Unleashed Information!

Yesterday, NZGamer.com attended a press-meet to discuss The Force Unleashed, Lego Indiana Jones and Fracture with key personnel from LucasArts in San Francisco.

In pure NZGamer.com tradition we tried our hand at wrangling some exclusive information from these guys; we didn't come away empty handed.

Recently there has been a lot of hoopla on the internet regarding the lack of a PC version of The Force Unleashed, I asked Dan Wassson, producer of the game, if he could clear this up for us.

Dan: For us, ultimately it was... technologies like Pixelux, DMM (Digital Molecular Matter) and Euphoria are so processor intensive and powerful that the kind of machine you'd need to run them is not the kind of machine most people are going to have. It's such an advanced spec that we feel we really needed to do it justice. If we pulled that stuff out and delivered a sub-par experience...

We also felt that was a wrong approach as people are going to miss out on this. We didn't want to do it [the PC version] half-way. Every platform is getting a great game and they should all be able to stand-alone; we didn't want to deliver a sub-par experience for PC gamers.

The full interview will be published later this week, so stay tuned.

Our second piece of exclusive information is in regards to the games protagonist, Darth Vader's secret apprentice. You may not have realised it but he hasn't been given a name publically, other than the moniker of "Secret Apprentice". That is until now. Ladies and gentlemen, our anti-hero's name... is... Starkiller.

Die-hard Star Wars fans will find this name rather familiar, and they should as it is the original name George Lucas intended Luke to have back when Star Wars was nothing but thoughts and ideas in Lucas' head. The name stuck until the forth revision of the Star Wars script where Luke Starkiller was renamed to Luke Skywalker. A nice homage to what once was.

NZGamer.com will be bringing you more new and exciting information regarding the games listed above in the coming days. Be sure to stay tuned to be kept in the loop!

UPDATE: Our interview has now been published, you can read it here!


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