Gran Turismo Sport Gets Limited Time Demo

Gran Turismo Sport Gets Limited Time Demo

In preparation for the game’s launch later this month, developer Polyphony has announced a demo for Gran Turismo Sport. Available via the PlayStation Store, the demo will run from October 9 through 13.

“The GT Sport demo will give fans an in-depth look at some of the new features, geared to define the future of motorsports for all levels of drivers, from first timers to 20 year veterans of the franchise,” writes SCEA product manager Ken Chan on the PlayStation Blog. “You drive and tune on your own terms, while the new matchmaking system ensures you’re always racing against others of similar abilities.”

Only American dates have been confirmed, with pre-load for PlayStation Plus members starting on October 8, at 4AM NZDT. The demo will open on October 9, at 8PM NZDT for those same members. For everybody else, download and access will start October 10, at 2PM NZDT. The demo wraps up October 13, at 4AM NZDT.

All progress you make in the demo will carry over to the full release on October 18.

We’ll keep you updated if New Zealand availability and dates differ.


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Posted by drunk_monk
On Wednesday 4 Oct 2017 10:44 AM
Good idea if you're confident in your product. With Project Cars and Forza releasing around the same window it's a good 1ay to garner positive messaging if it's great.
Posted by SpawnSeekSlay
On Wednesday 4 Oct 2017 11:15 AM
Thats cool. Havent had any faith in PolyPhony since A-spec, was disappointed in their next gen efforts. They seemed to have struggled to adapt to making a simulator also into a "game" with awful AI, sound etc.
But would like to see if thats changed so would definitely give GT Sport a go...
Posted by kiwiatlarge
On Wednesday 4 Oct 2017 12:14 PM
Excellent news considering I was in the Beta programme, and couldn't even run the beta.. :/
Posted by MadCant
On Wednesday 4 Oct 2017 12:23 PM
Can't wait to finally be able to check this out - glad I can have a jam before I preorder too.
Posted by Bank
On Wednesday 4 Oct 2017 12:47 PM
Ooooh dope! Thank God the demo and game are after Southern X Up 2017. That would've been bad...
Posted by sakuraba
On Wednesday 4 Oct 2017 3:01 PM
Cool thanks for the heads up im gonna try this.
Posted by czk51
On Thursday 5 Oct 2017 9:07 AM
really looking forward to this. Been thrashing the rally games over the last year or 2 so this will be a welcomed change.
Posted by Unfathomable-Ruination
On Thursday 5 Oct 2017 10:02 AM
Cool, keen to give this a blast.