Destiny 2’s First DLC Features Osiris, Mercury Patrol Zone - Report

Destiny 2’s First DLC Features Osiris, Mercury Patrol Zone - Report

Even before Destiny 2 launches, details about the game’s first expansion have already surfaced. Sources close to Kotaku have said that the expansion – called The Curse of Osiris – will centre on the eponymous space wizard. It will also come with a new patrol zone, and social space.

Possible spoilers below.

Curse of Osiris is scheduled to release in December, making it nearly three months after the initial launch of Destiny 2 in September. A second source close to the project corroborated with the outlet’s first, going as far to say that the first patrol zone will take players to Mercury, and the social space will be the Lighthouse. Those who have played Destiny 1 will know that the Lighthouse was a zone only available to those who achieved flawless records in the Trials of Osiris PvP gauntlet.

The story will have players save Osiris from robotic Vex. The figure has been mentioned in Destiny lore before, but has yet to appear.

Destiny 1’s first DLC – The Dark Below – also dropped three months after launch. Much of the content within was hastily retooled however, due to Destiny 1’s public and critical reception. The result was a relatively thin piece of DLC. By all accounts, The Curse of Osiris appears to be a lot more substantial.

Activision has yet comment. We’ll update this story as more news becomes available.


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Posted by SpawnSeekSlay
On Thursday 31 Aug 2017 8:36 PM
Having a new patrol on Mercury and social place there in the Lighthouse will be great, also more focus on Vex, and learning more about the interesting character that is Osiris sounds awesome too.
Sounds really good so far as long as story and everything is fleshed out, just hope it has a Raid or it all falls flat otherwise.