Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Has Crowdfunded Documentary Planned

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Has Crowdfunded Documentary Planned

A documentary cataloguing the creation of Tony Hawk Pro Skater franchise is in the works, via a crowdfunded campaign.  The film – which is aiming for $75,000 USD in backing on Indiegogo – features interviews from the skating legend himself, and those at Neversoft involved in the first game’s development.

As GameSpot points out, the franchise sold over 30 million units in 18 years. The documentary, titled “Pretending I’m A Superman,” is being produced by Ralph D’Amato, who also produced the earlier Tony Hawk games.

As of writing, the project has raised 11-percent of its goal, with 25 days left still to go.


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Posted by Ryzlin
On Monday 20 Mar 2017 3:06 PM
And the last chapter is just people shuffling awkwardly when asked why the made pro skater 5.
Posted by cortez72
On Monday 20 Mar 2017 8:51 PM
The first two titles were very fond memories. As the series went on... not so much. But take me back to where it all began, I'm ready for the trip down memory lane.
Posted by dsinnz
On Tuesday 21 Mar 2017 9:36 AM
i wonder if there will be any info on the 5th one? some of my favourite games of all time, gotta love those soundtracks.
Posted by RKO_NZ
On Tuesday 21 Mar 2017 1:59 PM
Never heard of this before, but being a big fan of the THS, Quite interested to watch this, I pretty much grew up with the series, getting into it after my brother got the first one on PS1, and ever since loved it (can't say the same about these newer ones) I think the downfall of the series is due to the conception these days that with newer generation of systems and games, its required that things go "realistic" which the THS series was never trying to do, although the story lines were good in trying to emulate a skaters real path to glory, majority of the missions were all unrealistic, arcady type of missions, like for instance I think it was Tony Hawk 4, where you could go into a zoo and control the monkey and throw poo at the keeper for in-game money to spend on your character, random, stupid things like that made the series fun, and fans accepted it for what it is, I think the developers who have taken over now believe, that maybe they wouldn't be able to pull of the concept of having realistic skating like they did in Project 8, whilst still adding comical missions to achieve their purpose of hoping fans take the game seriously, the series isnt as big of Call of Duty, but its pretty much gone down that route, tried to change, but in process ran out of ideas and neglected their core fan bases.
Posted by koyukon
On Tuesday 21 Mar 2017 2:49 PM
First three games were great. The music and silly stunts you could do. Skating rooftops and tearing up school and shopping centre maps. Great times