System Shock 3 Gets New Console Publisher

System Shock 3 Gets New Console Publisher

System Shock 3 has a new publisher in the form of Starbreeze. The Swedish company – better known for their work on The Darkness, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – is also investing $12 million USD in the project.

As Eurogamer reports, that injection of cash is to bring the game to “PC and other platforms.” While no specific consoles have been announced, its likely they mean PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Starbreeze have been busy as of late. Their virtual reality headset (StarVR) will enter mass production later in the year, and they’re also publishing Psychonauts 2.

System Shock 3 is being developed by Otherside Entertainment. Warren Spector – who worked on the original in 1994 – is also on board. Details about the game are slim, but it will tell a story around the same time as System Shock 2, and will feature evil AI Shodan.

This game isn’t tied to the remake of the original, which is currently in development at Night Dive Studios.


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