Hitman Gets New Difficulty next Week

Hitman Gets New Difficulty next Week

Developer IO Interactive is committed to expanding the content available in Hitman, if recent news is to be believed. The game will receive a new difficulty mode next week, coinciding with the physical release of its first season of content.

The Professional Difficulty mode will only be available after you’ve hit Mastery Level 20 on select missions. The new mode will bump up the game’s complexities in a number of ways, including:

  • Smarter opponents
  • Limited saves
  • Strict item rules
  • Lethal combat
  • Advanced security camera logic

This new mode will support its own Mastery track, and have its own suite of rewards to unlock. Separate leaderboards will also be arriving.

As Eurogamer points out, this new difficulty will only apply to main missions. Live content (including Elusive Targets) will only be available on the standard difficulty.

Hitman’s first episode released in March 2016, with subsequent missions being made available later. Hitman: The Complete First Season – a physical version of the game, tying all of its content together – will be available on January 31.


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