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The year is starting off slowly, but things are guaranteed to ramp up soon. Before major AAA releases hit their stride, you'll have titles like Gravity Rush 2 to look forward to; with her time-bending powers, protagonist Kat can fight and navigate around her world in strange -- and often unpredictable -- ways.

For a broader look at what's coming out this month, make sure to check out the January 2016 Game Release Schedule. For an overview of the year, check out the 2017 Game Release Schedule, which we'll periodically be updating.

Note: While this list is intended to be as comprehensive as possible, it is difficult to cover everything, especially with the growing prominence of downloadable and indie games. The dates of some releases can also shift around. If you notice anything that's missing, please let us know in the comments, or by emailing

January 18th

Gravity Rush 2



In the sequel to the acclaimed PS Vita original, you will have brand new gravity-shifting options and combat mechanics at your disposal. Kat can now use three gravity styles that add more variety and combat options: Normal, Lunar and Jupiter.

January 21st

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey Of The Cursed King



The story begins when a jester, Dhoulmagus, comes to Castle Trodain and steals the King’s sceptre. He then uses its power to turn his majesty into a troll, the Princess into a horse, and the castle inhabitants into plants. The only one left unscathed from this attack is a castle guard who escaped the curse and must now step up to save the kingdom he’s sworn to protect. Only by travelling the lands, recruiting allies, and following the trail of destruction that Dhoulmagus leaves in his wake will The Hero be able to retrieve the sceptre in order to restore Trodain back to its former glory.


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Comments Comments (6)

Posted by czk51
On Monday 16 Jan 2017 8:26 AM
I've never played a DQ game so am really interested in this. However since FFXV and Xenoblade Chronicles I'm not sure I can go back to turn based combat.
Posted by AdamC
On Monday 16 Jan 2017 10:17 AM
16 January 2017, 08:26 AM Reply to czk51
I've never played a DQ game so am really interested in this. However since FFXV and Xenoblade Chronicles I'm not sure I can go back to turn based combat.
While I absolutely love xenoblade combat I think turn based is still a great combat form where it lets you control the party.
It can also be better for the story in that you don't have bad Ai making your team feel stupid and useless.
Posted by Bank
On Monday 16 Jan 2017 10:25 AM
I really really want to show my support and get Gravity Rush 2 on release but I've come to understand the backlog meta. Soon gravity girls... soon.
Posted by woollywol
On Monday 16 Jan 2017 11:21 AM
Both are must-haves for me!
Posted by Coddfish
On Monday 16 Jan 2017 12:04 PM
Read Only Memories 2064 is out this week as well! :D
Posted by ericaf95
On Monday 16 Jan 2017 12:46 PM
As much as I enjoyed Gravity Rush, the PS4 port was a little questionable, so I'm looking forward to seeing how they do with a Gravity Rush designed specifically for that console. I've heard good things about it so far!