Heroes of the Storm Opens Its Roster This Weekend

Heroes of the Storm Opens Its Roster This Weekend

Blizzard announced that they will be making all of the characters in Heroes of the Storm available to play this weekend, as a way of bringing in the new year. Normally, players either have to unlock characters with in-game currency, wait until they appear in a free rotation, or pay with real-world cash.

From the official announcement:

To kick off 2017, celebrate everything that has happened in the past year, as well as everything we have planned for the year to come, we’re inviting everyone to enjoy three days of a completely full Hero roster from January 13–16!

Note that those dates refer to American timing. New Zealander’s will have access to the free hero roster starting 7AM, January 14. You’ll have until 7AM, January 17 to find your favourite character.

Have you played Heroes of the Storm? Or do you stick to other genre of multiplayer? Let us know in the comments below!


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