Multiple Sega Mods Suddenly Pulled from Steam

Multiple Sega Mods Suddenly Pulled from Steam

Earlier this year, Sega opened the flood-gates and allowed mod support for emulated versions of their Mega Drive classics. At the start of this week however, some users noticed that their mods were being removed from Steam without explanation.

As PC Gamer reports, modders that have been affected reached out to Steam Support, only to receive the same reply: “Due to reporting of content that violates the Steam Terms of Service, the content in question has been removed from the Steam Community.”

Some mods have understandably been removed, as they violate copyright law – like one that includes entire versions of other games like NBA Jam and Mutant League Football embedded in them. Other mods that fit within the Terms of Service are being pulled however, including one that sprite swaps Sonic with Knuckles, and another that makes the game more accessible for players with disabilities.

Some users have managed to get their mods reinstated on the digital storefront, but others are still waiting on a reply from Valve.

Sega has yet to comment on the original story. We’ll update this story if/when they do.


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Posted by ThatUndeadLegacy
On Friday 28 Oct 2016 4:18 PM
Well they are coming back, just got to wait.