BioWare’s next Project to Be Revealed Soon, Mass Effect Remasters Unlikely

BioWare’s next Project to Be Revealed Soon, Mass Effect Remasters Unlikely

BioWare – the developer behind hit RPG series Mass Effect and Dragon Age – will reveal its new IP soon, says EA Studios boss Patrick Soderlund. In an interview with (via GameSpot), he talked about the importance of new projects to the company.

“But we've been very open about the fact that BioWare is working on a new IP, and we'll get to talk about that in the not too distant future,” said Soderlund. “We have other teams working on new IP as well. I think it's about a balance, right? Making sure that we continue to push what great looks like for Battlefield or FIFA or Madden - or Star Wars, for that matter - while continuing to invest in something new.”

Soderlund continued, saying that EA is in contact with data analysts, using their knowledge to determine which projects to go ahead with. He then quickly added that EA doesn’t want to “design by committee.”

“That's not who we are - but we do want to make sure that we have touch points with players out there, so we can understand if we're thinking about this in the right way,” he continued.

In related news, EA executive Peter Moore said in an interview with IGN that the company is unlikely to make Mass Effect remasters, as that would distract from the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda. This runs counter to statements Soderlund said in August earlier, hinting at the company’s interest in the idea.

"We're a company that is focused on delivering for the future," said Moore. "I was asked a question once [about remasters and I said] it's just not what we do. We've got incredibly talented dev studios around the world who are focused on delivering new IP, new experiences, [and] more and more live services."

"Can we make an easy buck on remastering Mass Effect? Yes. Have a thousand people asked me that? Yes, they have," he added. "We just feel like we want to go forward. There's a little thing called Mass Effect: Andromeda that we're totally focused on at BioWare and it's gonna be magnificent."

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to release in March 2017.


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Posted by ptys
On Thursday 1 Sep 2016 1:04 PM
Anyone nervous about how Mass Effect Andromeda will turn out needs only look at Mirrors Edge Catalyst. The way that game was pitched to how it turned out with years of hype and development is very disappointing.
Posted by SpawnSeekSlay
On Thursday 1 Sep 2016 1:58 PM
Hopes dashed again. Its up and down on this remaster in the last 3 months.
I would still be hopeful they will bring a 1-3 ME remaster out after Andromeda... *fingers and toes crossed* but my hopes arent ultra high.
On Thursday 1 Sep 2016 2:33 PM
If they decide not to do remasters, at least make ME 2 and 3 backwards compatible.