French Minister of Education Wants to Ban Rare Pokémon in Schools

French Minister of Education Wants to Ban Rare Pokémon in Schools

Pokémon Go continues to bleed into the real world, this time in France. Minister of education Najat Vallaud-Belkacem has said that she wants to meet with Niantic – the developer of the augmented reality monster catching game – in a bid to have them remove rare Pokémon from schools. This story comes from Le Monde, via NeoGAF.

Principals can already reach out to Niantic to have their schools removed from the game, but Vallaud-Belkacem wants the developer to be more proactive about the issue. Pokemon Go works by populating public parks and other points of interest with the creatures.

Privacy concerns seem to be the main motivating factor here, with fears of strangers also wandering onto school property. Vallaud-Belkacem has requested an appointment with Naintic over the issue. "The only real concern is the rare Pokémon and the risk of massive intrusion in an institution,” reads a statement from the minister, as translated by Google.

This isn’t the first time Pokemon Go and the real world have clashed. A couple in America is suing Niantic over trainers wandering onto their property, Russia thinks the game is a western spy-tool, and Iran has banned it outright.


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Posted by Zolen
On Tuesday 30 Aug 2016 1:48 PM
I can see their point - it would be good to define certain areas as "no go" places. On a complete tangent ... French Minister of Ed looks like a singer in a music video. I wonder what she is singing ...
Posted by piratemonkey
On Tuesday 30 Aug 2016 6:05 PM
only Rare? If someone's going to trespass for a Dragonite they probably will for a Magicarp
Only Solution is to erect a massive faraday cage around all french schools.

Actually, this would probably solve a ton of non-Pokemon related problems too
I shall call it 'la cage de l'enfant numérique'
Patent pending
it shall be magnifique!
Posted by BlakeyNZ
On Tuesday 30 Aug 2016 6:17 PM
I agree that this isn't an unreasonable request. It should be a blanket ban on schools worldwide