Heroes of the Storm Free Hero Weekend

Heroes of the Storm Free Hero Weekend

Blizzard announced today that they’re letting players try out every hero for free in Heroes of the Storm – their first foray into the MOBA genre. Every character on the roster will be accessible from June 25 at 5AM NZST, until June 28 at 9PM NZST.

Whether you want to try out the team-focused utility of Medivh from the Warcraft universe; sample Tracer’s incredible time-bending mobility; or conjure spells with arcane prodigy, Li-Ming, from Diablo, this is your chance to explore everything the game has to offer.

Blizzard have also included a discounted bundle available via the in-game shop. It features specific characters and skins as selected by Tempest – the Heroes of the Storm Summer Champions – in their final match. The bundle is available now, until June 28.


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