BioWare Could Be Working on an Action Game

BioWare Could Be Working on an Action Game

During an investor's meeting today, EA offered a tease that Dragon Age and Mass Effect developer BioWare could be working on an action title, expanding its catalogue beyond that of role-playing games.

In a slide from the company's presentation, BioWare is listed as a contributing source to the "action genre." CFO Blake Jorgensen went on to say that the genre represents a significant chunk of a $6.2 billion USD opportunity for the company.

In addition to Mass Effect: Andromeda, last March it was reported that BioWare is working on an unannounced new IP. If this new game is in the action genre, it could explain its inclusion on the slide.

Motive Studios -- the team formed from ex-Assasin's Creed boss Jade Raymond and Uncharted creative director Amy Hennig -- is also listed under the same category. Currently the studio is overseeing Visceral's Star Wars game, but they are also making their own IP. We also reported earlier in the month that Respawn Entertainment would be working on their own Star Wars game.

What do you think this game could be? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: GameSpot


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Posted by mchumdinghy
On Wednesday 18 May 2016 4:00 PM
I want nothing more than for Bioware to be making KOTOR but would be very excited to see what they could do with a new IP. I just hope EA doesn't push them too hard; they make great RPG games and they really should focus on that before anything else.
Posted by ZombieRawkMachine
On Wednesday 18 May 2016 5:53 PM
I wish it was Jade Empire 2, they were getting prepped for it once upon a time but Mass Effect 3 managed to kill it off. *sigh*EA needs to just f**k off and leave Bioware to it, the more input EA has the worse the games seem to turn out, or at the very least everything EA wants in the game is generally the worst points about it just look at DA:I all its shortcomings are because of things EA insisted on.