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You wanted a speech, did ya?

Published Wednesday 17 Dec 2008 10:49pm | 38
Tags: writer of the year, thank you, coke

This is it.


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Happy Halloween! Or is it...

Published Friday 31 Oct 2008 7:32pm | 19
Tags: halloween, Fable 2, Shuffle!, MY EYES, Sacred 2

Another 'quality' blog from Morg


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My Spore, let me show it to you.

Published Wednesday 10 Sep 2008 1:03pm | 33
Tags: Spore, disgaea 3

Have a free soundtrack? Don't mind if I do.


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Soul Calibur 4's jugs – “No big deal”

Published Wednesday 27 Aug 2008 10:03pm | 38
Tags: traps, soul calibur, Boobs

A look at Soul Calibur 4's chests.


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