Rocket League

Published Friday 11 Nov 2016 3:19pm

Rocket league is the best game that just popped up from nowhere.

If you didn't know the premise of rocket league is car soccer. Only it's much more than that because the cars have crazy rocket power which can be used to fly into the air and pull off some spectacular moves.

Rocket League is great in that it is fun from the moment you pick it up and keeps being fun while you invest hours trying to pull off the crazy air dribble past three defenders. The game just feels right, from the feeling controlling the cars to the vibe the menu music creates it all just combines to a well polished game.

And thanks to its success the support from the developers with continued updates has been awesome. There have been new maps, items and even completely different game modes such as ice hockey, basketball and the power up infused rumble.

Somehow the crazy named predecessor slipped under everyone's radars, but Rocket League is here to stay and if you haven't checked it out you need to get onto it right now.

Rocket League
"Rocket powered car soccer. What more could you want"
- Rocket League


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