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These titles have brought more to the screen than just the old traditional game, what follows is a list of my favorite game titles for various different reasons. Having spent so much time numbering them and re ordering them i realized i couldn't finalize an order so I settled with a tier system with each tier not being in any particular order. so here we go




Silent Hill 2 - PS2Silent Hill 2

Now i am in no way a fan of horror films/games, but this story line had me hooked, which left me in the awkward position of wanting to know more about the game but not wanting to crap my pants while I'm at it. luckily for me at that point in my life i wasn't doing my own washing and i chose to follow it through. In writing this I'd have to say I would probably need Google to speak with confidence about the ending as it got pretty twisted, but either way it was a great ending. This game really played/preyed on  the players imagination with all sorts of creepy features scaring the player to bits while not actually showing anything to gory this really added to the truly sad tale being told and weirdly the whole thing looked and played out like a music video from Tool (the band)

Ratchet and ClankRatchet and Clank Future series - PS3

It spun a good tale and the 2 heroes made me laugh while i explored its many colorful worlds, a series i found well worthy of my time, The upgrade system really gave purpose to the bits in between the story unfolding The Mystery of this game was what spurred me on wanting to know more about the main characters history as well as the mysterious little creatures aiding him. and I'm very much awaiting the last in the series and sadly it looks like it will just fall short of the PS4


Fable - PCFable-01

To this game goes the "ignorance is bliss" award, i wasn't aware of its build up and anticipation from all the hype that had built up and subsequently let down the gaming community, so when i picked it up and ran with it i found this game to be surprisingly awesome, the spells the medieval setting it all worked for me and i didnt ever again feel that the next 2 matched it, yes they got bigger and yes they got prettier, but none of the heroes ever matched the share size, power and magnitude of change attainable by the first hero. For example max evil with full physical stats running through the forest on juggernaut, nothing like it seen again, so i guess character designs were the let downs for me in the sequels as the heroes just didnt pack the potential awe they did in the original.

Fable 1 evil hero = Hell Boy horns vs Fable 2 evil hero = Wiggly Goat horns.


Gran TourismoGran Turismo 1 - PS1

for the share variety of cars available and its leading edge feel, this game makes the list. usually the game needs to have a storyline to hook my interest but here i was spending days awake tirelessly trying to pass the last of the international license (didn't know at that stage that caffeine and lack of sleep slowed down your responses) then the fun part of tweaking the sh*t out of the used cars to this degree (whether it mattered or not) i had not seen anything like it in a game. I only mention GT 1 even though the sequels were a good follow up i dont think they made the impact the first title did and if im being completely honest i would say i was absolutely shocked at Gran Turismo 5 and im just going to leave it at that


Space Simulators - PC X3

this one is a collective ode to a genre as opposed to a specific game, Space Simulators include games like Wing Commander 4, Freelancer and X3 (my favorites), so as far as space sims go Wing Commander had a great storyline to follow through while freelancer really captured my attention with the trading system, then someone pointed me towards X3 and i have watched months if not years disappear into nothingness as i foolishly toy away with this stupidly massive game, its scope is nothing short of impressive, from piloting a single seated fighter to managing a fleet consisting of cruisers carriers and hundreds (possibly thousands) of support fighters (which can all be auto piloted for attack or return to carrier commands) in an all out fire fight against an entire enemy race of aliens. while the depth and detail this game goes into to create and maintain these fleets is almost off putting it doesnt compare to the reward i get from watching a successful fight/trade/build/think system running at full steam




Warcraft 3War Craft 3 - PC

the story just built and built and built using its 3-4 different story arcs until finally it all came together in one glorious battle at the end and even without the great cinematics and the great style of the tales delivery the game play and graphics alone were enough, a lot more colorful and exotic than the likes of the C&C franchise, i know that's a preference thing but the characters style and size in game just made it feel better than the competition. The game also makes up part of a series that carries with it its own history and mythos that really paints a brilliant universe for the player to further indulge in.... this may also lead you on to World of Warcraft. to further carry on the adventure. This i played waaaaaaaay after launch when i just started playing it in an internet cafe after being sick of having my ass handed to me in Counter Strike.


Fallout - PC  Fallout 3

loved these games and i loved where they went with Fallout 3, it may have just been my age but  i think i most got into Fallout 2 which had me feeling i was right there with him in the desert wastes and every encounter had me on the edge of my seat with the very real feeling that this could be over at any point, Played over the years never at launch just in my own time



Metal Gear Solid 2 - PS2 Metal Gear Solid 2

I don't know why but i love the stealth of this game it didn't in anyway feel slow or sluggish and what an ending, the amount of effort spent on story delivery at the end was enormous, don't quote me but i swear it felt like 2-3 hours of media. Played a little after launch




Legacy of KainLegacy of Kain Series - PS2 and PC

what an awesome paradoxical storyline, i ended up picking this one up from Soul Reaver and went back to catch the whole thing from blood omen. Looking at the story as a whole i have to wonder did they have this vision from the start or did it all just come together to coincidentally make one of the greatest story lines in gaming, i would say reading the story line would give you the crux of it all but that is an experience far less than playing the games across the many titles and if looking for a shortcut i recommend playing Soul Reaver 1 and that would be enough as it slightly educates you on the previous title/s and contains the most part of the paradoxes.


GTA San AndreasGrand Theft Auto Series - PC, PS2, PS3 and Xbox 360

most notably Liberty city and San Andreas for game play and story respectively i would of just listed San Andreas for both story and game play but game play credit to Liberty City for it pioneering sandbox style for the GTA series. What i liked about San Andres was the size of the game, the inclusion of aviation and the character development as you could buff him up, slim him down or blob him out depending on how much attention you gave the character while in contrast GTA 4's Russian just seemed like a chubby slob the whole time, I think a bit of character development would of been nice (in my opinion). Now aside from the 'GOURANGA' bonus for running over an entire group of Hare Krishna's in GTA 1 my most memorable moment in the series belongs to GTA3 where i perilously navigated the Dodo with pain staking precision across the map avoiding collisions on route to one the heights areas and commenced hurling the car/plane down the hill to get max speed and then proceeded to fly it across 3 different loading screens (this was on PS2 and i dont care how anyone else did it).


Ace Combat 4Ace Combat 4 - PS2

The most notable feature of this title is that the character development felt believable, it had a great story line which was delivered in a really interesting method which sacrificed cinematics for still images and a narrative dialogue telling the story from an known perspective. While other games can build the main characters or setting in ways that just seem in an off putting and forced manner that can potentially pull you out of the game for lack of believable behavior, this one did not. For example Ace Combat 6 and its use of the main characters wing man Shamrock whose always ass licking the main character, just a cheesy and over done way of trying to convey how good you the character is. while in Ace Combat 4 you may subtly pick up a bit of radio chatter coming through the speakers as your flying a mission, something as subtle as a ground assault team ecstatic that you've just cleared a path for them (in a well directed way of course) this combined with the stories narrative style reinforcing your development as a pilot really polished off the game nicely. I've always been a fan of the Air/Ace Combat series so this one was played at launch on PS2. Fun bit of info the F22 Raptor featured in the first game of this series (Air Combat) a full 2 years before its first flight and nearly 10 years before its official service record began in the US navy.




Assassins CreedAssassin Creed series - Xbox 360

From the get go this game was great, the concept of exploring historical cities, interacting with notable historical figures and even just looking around the stunning scenery, for me the story that unfolded was amazing and told in an even more amazing way (the Animus). While the story and events in the game aren't to good factually or spiritually (not that im an expert) but i couldn't have loved its spin on  historical and Biblical events any more which just built and built as the titles kept releasing while at the same time increasing the size of the games and adding new features like city/town development, army control, assassin followers, and ship navigation (loved the boat). While i didn't really like the ending of part 3 i am still very much looking forward to 4.


Mass Effect - Xbox 360Mass Effext

from walking around a mountain to flying across the galaxy this series delivered a game that felt like you had the whole galaxy to explore where every rock on every planet in every system was available to explore (at least that's how it felt) and this same feeling across 3 titles. Now i wasn't disappointed at the end of ME3 just maybe left feeling a bit "OK now what" about the whole thing, it was an epic series so to be fair the ending not meeting the standard made by the build up doesn't mean it was bad, just that it looked bad in contrast to the epic size/effort/time that went into the series to only have it all culminated to a red or blue pill (or green as i later found).


HaloHalo Series - Xbox and Xbox 360

if you haven't guessed by now i am a big fan of a gripping storyline so Halo makes it into the list not for its game play or action but for the work Bungie put into this series and the work the community contributed to making this game less about a man with a gun and more about a galactic struggle of biblical proportions. 343i's legacy is still being written so for now i limit this dedication to the initial saga, not saying i didn't like Halo 4 i just think the gift Bungie has of building anticipation of an up coming sequel is missing from this new series.


Infamous Series - PS3InFamous

Played in 2010 quite a while after release i believe. Loved the super power villain/hero game style and the freedom of exploration in the city, the most notable part of the series for me was the ending of the 1st title, it was a complete blind side and finished the game nicely leaving a nice amount for the follow up. The whole game felt like an interactive comic book and in my opinion wasnt relying on graphics to push the story and did i mention super powers, cant go wrong with super powers.


Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 and PC

loved this Tarantino ish game, wasnt really aware of what i was buying with this one i just liked that the cartridge was gold so i just had to have it. The graphics we're (for the time) great really fun and bright with a cartoonish character style, and i can say from the opening cinematic and the first hour of game play i was immediately hooked i just had to know more. For me this was the first game that really embraced the day/night cycle system you could literally stand there and watch the sun pass you over and then watch the moon rise, but dont stand still to long cause then comes the skeletons zombie thingies. This game had me  captivated in the way it truly pulled me into its world.


 FFVIIFinal Fantasy 7 PS1, PS2, PS3 and PC

Played in 1997 so the graphics weren't as obvious a let down as they are if played today. i actually found this in the video store and hired it out for the Xmas holidays, i didn't know what it was or what it was about but was absolutely blown away by the size of the game and the story that unfolded, (SPOILERS) i still remember how i felt when  i thought i had just about finished the game by escaping Midgar, i was all set and ready to reap the rewards of the endless hours i had stuck into finally finishing this game only to find out the whole time i had spent inside this city that it was only 1 of many locations on a fully explorable global map 0.0 absolutely mind blown. Then the shocker, i didn't know what was to come of Aeris so her sudden departure brought on all sorts of pissed off anger issues with multiple reloads trying to do it differently in a hope to salvage some of the effort that had gone into developing her, before this i was very much thinking "save the healer, save the team" so she was getting all the levels i could give her. FFVII has a great story line and is told in an epic way with all sorts of twists.

I know there are factors which can lead to two people which in all respects the same but still having different impressions of a game, like time of release vs time played so i noted the time i played relative to the games release to maybe give a guide to someone wondering why when they have just now played FF VII for the first time and found it to not be anything special.

still adding and editing, feel free to make suggestions as I may have missed a few good ones from my list


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Posted by xmorph
On Friday 18 Oct 2013 6:21 PM
Some great mentions there :) I remeber (actually I still own it) Gran Turismo very well, so much rage there xD, especially the A licence.
Posted by Ron
On Friday 18 Oct 2013 8:26 PM
A lot greats here mentioned.
Posted by baileynz
On Sunday 20 Oct 2013 9:42 AM
Great blog thanks. Some top mentions, totally agree with GT, Silent Hill 2, Infamous, MGS2 and Legacy of Kain. I would normally say narrative is not that important to me but after reading your got me thinking!
Posted by sick_wierdo
On Monday 21 Oct 2013 5:32 PM
Silent Hill 2, Legacy of Kain, Meta Gear, GT1, now this brings back some awesome gaming memories. Great list.
Posted by L40cal
On Monday 4 Nov 2013 3:57 PM
Great games.brings back some good memories