Fable III

Published Wednesday 19 Jun 2013 11:53pm
Xbox 360

So I know this game came out almost 3 years ago but Microsoft recently made it free to download on Xbox Live. I also wanted to try my hand at writing a review and this was the last game I played (yesterday, not 3 years ago). So if you're just jumping on this game for the first time, this might be useful (or the original NZgamer review might be more useful)

Anyway , this game picks up around 50 years after the events of Fable 2. You're the youngest son of the last King of Albion and your older brother is the king. However, he seems to be doing his best to run the country into the ground and being a real dick! If you're unfamiliar with any of the previous Fable games, its not necessary in order to understand this one. All you need to know, is that your Dad (or Mum) was a badass hero that could shoot fire and lightening out of his hands. Evidently, he has passed this on to you.

The first half an hour of the game is a tutorial and a small introduction into what Albion has become since your brother suddenly went crazy. You're faced with a pretty difficult choice early on which doesn't really bode well for the future choices if they're going to be this difficult.

But the most appealing aspect of this game for me was the multiplayer. I got my nephew to download it to thinking it was suitable for a 12 year old, and then read a couple of the statistics that are flashed onto the screen during the loading times. One of them kept track of how many group-sex partners you've had and another kept a count of how many STD's you had contracted. But I guess being the cool uncle, I could tell his parents that its part of learning about the birds and the bees...and STD's.

Well I hope this would be a nice little supplement to the main review of anyone cares to read it but I will hopefully doing some more with newer games. Got to get those NZgamer points somehow!

"Just a new review of Fable 3. "
- Fable III


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Posted by Octavious
On Tuesday 25 Jun 2013 6:44 PM
I'm playing this at the moment and haven't been Fabled before. The cinematic storyline is pretty good, I forgot I was playing a game for a while, cos it was so movie like. I like having a dog as a companion too. I tend to get a bit lost around the villages, there's so many people who look the same to interact with. So far it's a cool game.