The Division

Published Monday 17 Jun 2013 5:57pm | 0
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I used to be a CoD gamer through and through. I would invest hours into that game, levelling up and prestiging and doing it all over again. I got pretty good at it but the biggest enjoyment I got out of it was playing with friends.

Then I picked up Skyrim.

I never gave RPG games a chance because of the stereo-type that is given to the kind of people that play them. Seriously, that was the only reason. Then a friend, whose opinions matter to me with non-gaming related stuff told me to give it a try. I haven't looked back since. I still enjoy CoD every now and then but I've started on other RPGs and have really enjoyed some.

This brings me to The Division. As soon as the trailer started at the Ubisoft press conference, I knew something big was going to happen. They saved it til last and not even the host knew what was going on. I've watched that gameplay demo  20+ times now and I am still excited. I think this game is going to be amazing but I have reservations on how the PvP battles will work and how 'seamless' the tablet integration will be. 

Im going to be keeping an ear out on any news about this gaMe. 

Happy Gaming!


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