Mass Effect 2

Published Tuesday 16 Mar 2010 9:44am

I've been a diehard Playstation Fan from way back, so it saddens me to say that this game is truly brilliant. I think it's a crime that this is a Xbox 360/PC exclusive because every self respecting gamer owes it to themselves to play this one.

The story in this game is immaculate, so much so that I don’t wanna give any of it away and spoil it for potential players. It plays out in a non-linear, yet still tight structure (sounds like a contridiction but makes sense when you play it) as you hop around the universe, meeting people, developing relationships and advancing a gripping narrative. It’s amazing that you never lose your place in the story however you choose to go about carrying it out.

The gameplay is near perfect too. The levelling system is great, and while it doesn’t offer the depth of many other RPG’s the accessibility of the system makes it very attractive. Combat is tight and while it has been criticised for being too action heavy, I found the RPG/action balance perfect. The only real qualm I have with the RPG elements is that you upgrade weapons and it doesn't cause a noticeable difference most of the time. The highlight of this game to me was the conversation system. I never played the first Mass Effect so this was the first time I have come into a game that makes the dialogue as engaging as the action.

I never knew how much voice acting could affect a game until now. All the voices are played perfectly, and the script makes this game truly brilliant. Aside from that, the music is superb and effects match the high standard set by the rest of the sound design. Never before in a game have I seen sound play such a big part of the overall presentation.

The graphics in this game outstanding, characters and environments are diverse and beautiful and diverse, among the best I’ve seen, especially when you consider the breadth and scale of the game.

This game basically does everything right. From the story to the sound to the visuals. I don’t like to give games perfect scores cause I guess that would imply that I think it’s perfect, which I don’t. Having said that I can’t think of any real reason to knock this game, sure there may be aspects that some people don’t like but for me I enjoyed it all. The thing that really stands out about this game is that no matter what you decide to do you’re gonna have fun doing it.

Mass Effect 2
"Sad to say this game is brilliant..."
- Mass Effect 2


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Posted by wharekura
On Thursday 14 Nov 2013 8:27 PM
Sounds like a Brilliant game Great Review