Alice in Wonderland List of Games

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Alice in Wonderland List of Games

Alice in the Country of Hearts

First up is this visual novel (or “mixed media” novel) by Quin Rose. It’s a remake of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s (A.K.A. Lewis Carroll) story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This one’s quite the remake considering the changes to most characters and things. This is a mixed genre NVL consisting of romance, humor, fantasy, and adventure.

It is one thing to have a white rabbit tell you to chase him. It’s another story showing up when that same rabbit turns into a man with white ears and basically kidnaps you. Not long afterwards, he chucks you down a hole and follows. Then starts telling you he loves you.

When Peter White offers “medicine” to Alice, she declines. So Peter takes some and grabs Alice for a kiss to pretty much force it down her throat. Peter wanted Alice to play the game but the only way for her to play is to drink the medicine. Alice finds out she’s in Wonderland and I have to play through to be able to get her back to the real world.

The game is broken into a series of 3 NVLs, 1 for each country. These are The Country of Hearts, Clover, and Diamond. So if a fourth is made, I’d expect Spades or a lack of deck following. It starts in the Country of Hearts with a set of characters to interact with that most would easily recognize as remade from the Disney movie. Another angry version of Alice in Wonderland game:

My little sister is in fact just a kid. I’m pretty sure she wants things that stick closely to the Disney movie. So with that mix of Japanese voice actors, romance, and a sociopath white rabbit guy, I’ll leave the game for a much bigger girl. I happen to like the game but that’s just me.

Alice in Wonderland (2000 GBC)

This game really hit home with “lil sis”. It closely follows the 1951 movie. I had to help her with this one. The first few rounds landed us in the drink but we got a good laugh from it. The tasks can be a bit demanding of a child and sometimes even a bigger child too. The graphics are surprisingly good considering it’s meant for a GBC.

This is a platform game made by Digital Eclipse Software for Nintendo’s GameBoy Color back in 2000. Like most 2D platform games, I have to run through areas (or fall through them or float in a bottle), collect things, touch specific objects, grow and/or shrink (to access certain areas), jump, try not to die, and possibly kill something here and there.

There’s an Art Gallery which proved fun. It lets me create a picture based on a selected background and characters and/or props found in the game. Sure enough there was a use for the Game Boy Printer feature it has.

When I completed the Adventure mode, another mini game showed up labeled “Where in Wonderland”. It’s a 2 player hide n seek game. One person will find a hiding place and select it as such. The next person will take the GBC and try to find the first person. So it does have multi-player.

For those that get stuck playing this game, here’re some GameShark codes to help you out.



Infinite Health


Infinite Keys


Maximum Stars


Always Small Alice


Stop Timer (Hide n Seek)


All Medals


The bad news is that someone might not have a GameBoy Color to play on. The good news is that emulators would do just fine. GBCoid for Android and BGB for windows would work.

Alice in Wonderland (2010)

This is an action/adventure game based on the film starring Johnny Depp and various other actors. It was released the same week as the movie for the Wii, Nintendo DS, Zeebo, and Windows PCs.

I had to protect, help, and guide Alice through Wonderland so she can face Jabberwocky. I was able to use various characters to help her. Each character has their unique special capabilities of which I have to choose properly for each situation. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get past the challenge(s) at the time.

Alice: Madness Returns

This is the sequel to American McGee’s Alice released for the PS3, Xbox 360, and Windows in June of 2011.  It shares many features with the previous game such as controlling her in the third-person perspective. It’s also in the genres of psychological horror, action, and adventure. So it’s not really intended for children or small animals.

This one is setup where Alice has lost her parents (they’re dead) and ends up in the “Looney Bin”. She gets discharged and is sent to an orphanage for traumatized kids run by Dr. Angus Bumby. He’s the real world villain of the story that uses hypnosis to remove the memories he caused.

Of course, she has to get rid of the trauma and learn her past. So once again into Wonderland only to find it ruined by another evil force. This time it’s the Dollmaker using the Infernal Train. All this takes place between Alice’s mind (in Wonderland) and the real world she lives in.

Much like the GBC game, I have shrink and grow her to gain access to certain areas and see invisible objects. Her arsenal consists of typical household items turned into weapons. Each weapon has various uses. For example, a Clockwork Bomb is a time bomb better used for distractions and holding down levels.

It is often referred to as overlooked. But the ratings is receive only shows it at above average. It can qualify as a pretty good sequel if you can get past the problems the game has.

Alice in Wonderland Slot Machine

Needless to say, I’m not about to let a little kid try to gamble regardless of the name/theme. They may be fun for someone bigger but gambling children doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. So I’ll play this one instead.

The machine was developed by Williams Interactive Entertainment LLC. They’re more known for other games such as Mortal Kombat, NBA JAM and their contributions to the world of pinball.

This machine has 20 pay-lines setup on a 5x3 set of reels. The symbols are those found in the classic story and a wild symbol. As with so many slot machines, you can find this one in many or all casinos in Las Vegas. Since this is the video game version, it can be played for free or in an online casino.

It has a wide range of features that anyone can enjoy including a Gamble game where you could double or quadruple your winnings. While playing, I managed to win €6K+ a couple of times. Although this was really great, it would have been better if it was for real money. The downside to online slots is that they really can’t compete with the bigger games DOTA, Ran Online, or LoL. Much of that is caused by the massive variety of these things currently available.


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Posted by Shadowdance
On Monday 17 Oct 2016 9:34 AM
I have to confess that I was oblivious to the amount of Alice in Wonderland games that were available, and also to just how different they all are. There's a couple there that look pretty awesome, but some that.....well I'm not sure about haha
Thanks so much for sharing :)