Combat Mission: Fortress Italy

Published Sunday 16 Sep 2012 2:36pm

This review is based on the demo, which shipped to much fanfare (?) a full 5+ weeks after the release of the full game. The documentation with the demo is just plain bizarre. There is a truncated rules manual pdf that accompanies the demo, but for some strange reason, while the manual describes a tutorial campaign, the campaign is not actually included in the demo. The demo does include access to the scenario editor, which is supposed to have some nifty new features, such as permitting underlays to the grid, so you can build right over top of map images, etc., but there are no instructions on how the new features work, and no tooltips in the game, or any hints whatsoever on how to do this. I don't think the promised new features are even in the product.

I have to conclude there is nothing new here but some underpowered Italians, and GIs and Germans in different colored clothes, ported over from the Normandy game. The demo really doesn't demonstrate anything different.


"Distressingly more of the same"
- Combat Mission: Fortress Italy


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Posted by KatalystaKaos
On Friday 12 Oct 2012 5:53 PM
Can you review the full game rather than just the demo?