Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Published Wednesday 23 Jan 2013 10:26pm

The Matrix had the Nokia banana slider Matrix phone.
Mission Impossible had the cool Oakley sunglasses.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution has auto sunglasses built into your skin!

If you thought Wolverine's claws and how it sheathes into his skin, you ain't see nothing yet till you see Jensen - the character you play - pull out, er, slip out his sunglasses from his skin! That alone was worth the price of admission - who would've thought a mechanically enhanced human being had that kind of coolness built in? Brilliant concept!

I've never played the original Deus Ex games before, so this was new to me. Gameplay wise, I really enjoyed it for a few good reasons.

Firstly, there is a pretty good story behind it. Mechanical enhancements known as "augmentations" is the key theme around it. You have the good guys wanting to better humanity, the bad guys wanting to abuse them and even the "greenies" who fight against augmentations had their own agenda. These elements make the whole thing interesting. The story does move you along, so the pacing is pretty good overall.

Secondly, the characters are pretty good overall. I found that I did care for the characters, e.g. I grew attached to Malik, my helicopter pilot, so much so in a part of the game, I HAD to save her and not let her die. That said, I must say the weakness in characters are actually the bosses themselves, as they tend to be a bit one dimensional.

Thirdly, you can play it in any way you want - guns blazing, pure stealth or a mix of both. The game does reward you with a bit more experience if you go the stealth route. The stealth mechanics are cool and works well. Not many games carry out stealth very well. If you like the Splinter Cell type games, you will certainly want to play it stealth. You hide, sneak using alternate routes, hack robots and cameras, all awesome stuff. Stealth works very well and it feels real and organic without being difficult.

Fourthly, there is an RPG element to leveling up. You get Praxis points for leveling up or finding/buying Praxis packs in the game. These Praxis points allow you to choose the special powers you can opt for e.g. cloaking, silent running, extra batteries, extended radar, double takedown, typhoon explosion system, etc. depending on your game style. You pretty much have to choose your play style up front and upgrade accordingly as there is not enough Praxis points even at the end of the game to get everything.

If there's anything I didn't like it's the boss fights and the hacking-heaviness of the game. Given they let me choose my gameplay style (and I chose stealth), the boss fights force me to run and gun - there is no other way to defeat the bosses. So it interrupts my flow as a stealth player. I found them quite difficult too, even on Easy! There also seems to be too much hacking involved. As an explorer RPG kind of gamer, I like to explore, but as I hack into countless computers, I see a lot of the same messages, so it feels like I wasted a lot of my time on hacking.

All's said and done though, I loved the game. It felt fulfilling having played it. I just wish they encouraged replay by letting us keep all the Praxis points for a second playthrough. I would certainly have liked to run through a second round with more beefed up powers! Great game, not many can match the flexibility of gameplay you get in DE:HR.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution
"Superb game that allows you to play in any style you like, would've been perfect if it wasn't for "
- Deus Ex: Human Revolution


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