Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Published Saturday 16 Apr 2016 12:08am
Nintendo 3DS

If there's one game to get in 2015 (yes even though it's already 2016 but hey Monster Hunter Generations ain't out yet), it's Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate!

Having played Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, I welcome this new version, which mercifully removes the horrible underwater battles and replace it with climbing, jumping and mounting monsters!!! I played 100+ hours on MH3U, but after just 10+ hours, boy I can see myself playing even more MH4U due to its much more fun gameplay, seamless online multiplayer gaming, beautiful graphics and of course, the crazy as monsters! I'm glad I took the time to learn MH3U so with MH4U it's a lot easier for me to just pick up and go.

There is SO much replay value, and hunting the same monster species feels different each time because of the monster AI, location where it is, etc. The new weapons (my favourite being Insect Glaive, having used Long Sword in the past) are just super fun to use. And of course, I often get hit by the monsters as I get distracted on trying to mount them...! Fun fun fun!

If you haven't tried it MH4U is actually much more newbie friendly in that it guides you through most of the stuff so you don't fumble (like in MH3U). Get on the hunt and see you online.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
"THE killer app for Nintendo 3DS."
- Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate


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