Published Saturday 16 Apr 2016 12:07am
Nintendo Wii U

Like many gamers, I really wanted to like this game. The problem I found with Watch Dogs is that, I wasn't enjoying the game. I played a couple of hours of it, I tried to push through it in the hopes that it gets better. It doesn't. Watch Dogs has a lot of mechanics by which gamers could have enjoyed: driving, stealth, hacking, story. Unfortunately all of the mechanics are mediocre at best.

The driving sucks so bad and it feels so out of control (unfortunately you DO need to drive for many missions) I had to play Mario Kart 8 to feel good about driving on the Wii U again.

The hacking is quite fun in-mission where you can hack to get explosions, block roads, change traffic lighting, etc. but the hacking in systems is really boring, it's like one of those pipe puzzles of the past.

Stealth is terrible. And this is the most surprising thing about this. Ubisoft has implemented fantastic stealth with Splinter Cell. Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Splinter Cell: Conviction were my all time favourite stealth games, where the stealth mechanics is perfected. Even Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag's stealth was pretty good! But in Watch Dogs, it's just so badly implemented, you get ruthlessly and quickly detected in some missions, it's unforgiving.

Honestly, I don't mind much about story if gameplay was fantastic. Unfortunately, even the storyline in Watch Dogs was platonic. I never really felt like I cared for Aiden or any of the other characters.

So in the end Watch Dogs had promise, but delivered none of them. I'm saddened that I stopped playing the game after about 5 hours in, simply because I don't enjoy playing the game. It's a real pity, as it had promise.

"Watch Dogs had promise, but delivered little. Driving is a pain in the proverbial."
- Watch_Dogs


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