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Since I was a kid, I was a closet gamer. Going to the Gaming section of the video shop every weekend and spending part of my well earned five bucks on any game that looks sweet by the cover. Eventually it grew this gaming bug in me and it got stronger as I got older. Now when I look back on all the great stories I've experienced through any form of media or literature, it'd always be the story's from games that would stay with me, stories from games such as Legend of Legaia and Final Fantasy X I can no longer say I'm a closet video-game fan, I am now loud and proud of being a gamer and it's a perfect time to be one too.

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2011, a return to form for Sony?

Will the Playstation 3's Exclusives next year give the console its much needed boost?
Published Monday 13 Dec 2010 12:05pm | 33


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