Until Dawn Movie Project

Published Wednesday 25 Oct 2017 10:21am | 0
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I captured a full playthrough of Until Dawn and edited it down to show it in a movie sized length taking only the most necessary parts to put together only the main story plot.

Until Dawn is a horror Movie/Game about a group of friends reuniting after a tragedy which involved the twins Hannah and Beth Washington's disappearance. However upon an invite from Josh, (the brother of Hannah and Beth) the group returns however there seems to be something else in the midst as strange things start to happen. The storyline is full of jumpscares after playing through there were several moments that made me hit that pause button which is a rare occurrence in horror games as they don't have as strong of a fright factor.

In Until Dawn every decision has it's consequences and often can be the difference between life and death a very horrific depicted death that is. So follow the link below and see how I get on as I attempt to make it through the horrors of what is Until Dawn.

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Below is the link I hope you enjoy the hours of work and editting. Until Dawn Movie


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