WWE 2K16

Published Friday 8 Sep 2017 1:02pm
PlayStation 4

I grew up playing Shut Your Mouth, Here Comes the Pain, etc. and haven't played for a while but I think this game is great.

The reversal system is a bit annoying and hard to master, as well as trying to use and break a submission move (I lost to Tyler Breeze in record time as a result of this).

The wrestlers look good, but the crowds are still a mess. It's not that they are low poly people but that they just don't act like a normal crowd. They randomly wave and stand for no reason. If they really fix this issue and make the crowd feel more realistic it would help increase the immersion.

The commentary is ok. But I miss Good Ole JR. And Renee Young’s interviews a bit out there. Same questions every time and that blank expression….

The 2K showcase is great. Remembering the iconic matches of Stone Cold Steve Austin brings back memories.

The game plays great and has plenty of modes to keep people busy. If they focus on some of the presentation aspects they could have an amazing experience. That being said, what is here is still great and worth a look for any fan of wrestling.

WWE 2K16
"123 for the win..."
- WWE 2K16


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