Angus' Highlights of 2016

2016 has been a roller-coaster of a year.

Angus' Highlights of 2016

Angus' Highlights of 2016

2016 has been a roller-coaster of a year.

Angus' Highlights of 2016
Angus' Highlights of 2016

2016 has been a roller-coaster of a year. Thankfully, it also delivered some gaming joy. Read on to find out what Angus loved.
Tuesday 6 Dec 3:00pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | iOS | Android | 8

Pokémon Go’s...
Pokémon Go’s ‘Nearby’ Feature Rolls Out to the US, Parts of Europe

Currently the feature – which shows the types of monster at landmarks – doesn’t look to be available to New Zealanders.
Friday 2 Dec 9:16am | iOS | Android | 6

Hearthstone’s Latest...
Hearthstone’s Latest Expansion Launches This Week

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is set to launch on December 1 in the US, bringing with it a bevy of new cards to unlock.
Tuesday 29 Nov 9:36am | PC | iOS | Android | 2

The Weekend Chat:...
The Weekend Chat: Sales, Sales, Sales

Do savings and deals hurt the way we play games? Have your say right now with the community.
Friday 25 Nov 4:00pm | PS4 | Xbox One | Wii U | PC | Vita | 3DS | iOS | Android | 32

Ditto Makes Its...
Ditto Makes Its Appearance in Pokémon Go

The purple pile of goo has finally been included in the game, with players reporting that they’ve caught it.
Wednesday 23 Nov 2:21pm | iOS | Android | 8

Telltale’s Third...
Telltale’s Third Season of The Walking Dead Gets Release Date

A New Frontier will premiere on December 20 with its first episode, but a new trailer will drop first during The Game Awards.
Wednesday 23 Nov 8:27am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | iOS | Android | 8

Pokémon Go Gets...
Pokémon Go Gets Thanksgiving Bonuses

Don’t worry if you don’t celebrate the American holiday – everyone will get access to the bonuses!
Tuesday 22 Nov 1:43pm | iOS | Android | 9

Kiwi Dev PikPok...
Kiwi Dev PikPok Releases Rival Stars College Football

The mobile card collector is available right now for Android and iOS, letting players lead their football team to victory.
Monday 21 Nov 9:37am | iOS | Android | 2

The Weekend Chat:...
The Weekend Chat: Comfort Games

What games do you switch on to help you through the tough times? Have your say this week!
Friday 18 Nov 4:00pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | Vita | 3DS | iOS | Android | 34

Auckland Students...
Auckland Students Build Games for the Visually Impaired, Find Crowdfunding Success

The industrious developers hope to add more titles to their Audio Game Hub with the Kickstarter campaign.
Friday 18 Nov 9:35am | PC | iOS | Android | 6

Telltale’s Batman...
Telltale’s Batman – Episode 4 Gets Trailer, Release Date

The latest episode introduces one very familiar face, and the Knight’s future adversary.
Friday 18 Nov 8:10am | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | PC | iOS | Android | 6

[UPDATE] Super Mario...
[UPDATE] Super Mario Run Gets Release Date, Pricing

If you want unlimited access to the jumping-based runner, it’ll set you back $14.99 NZD Nintendo announced today.
Wednesday 16 Nov 8:54am | iOS | Android | 8

Pokémon Go’s Nearby...
Pokémon Go’s Nearby Tracker to Return

If you’ve been having trouble finding monsters since its removal, developer Niantic has some good news for you.
Tuesday 8 Nov 8:45am | iOS | Android | 6

Hearthstone Heads to...
Hearthstone Heads to Gadgetzan

The fourth expansion for the wildly popular digital card game has players choose between three different factions.
Monday 7 Nov 1:42pm | PC | iOS | Android | 1

Pokémon Go to Get...
Pokémon Go to Get Daily Bonuses

If you’ve drifted away from the augmented reality monster catching game, an update coming soon will give you more rewards to incentivise you.
Thursday 3 Nov 1:12pm | iOS | Android | 2

Pokémon Go Gets Spooky
Pokémon Go Gets Spooky

The augmented reality game will be getting a seasonal event this week, making it easier to catch spookier creatures.
Tuesday 25 Oct 8:07am | iOS | Android | 4

Sony heading to...
Sony heading to Smartphones in 2018

It appears Sony has plans to start releasing games to the mobile markets in 2018.
Monday 17 Oct 9:30am | PS4 | PS3 | Vita | iOS | Android | 6

Pokémon Go Makes Gym...
Pokémon Go Makes Gym Training Easier

Developer Niantic is working on a patch to their augmented reality game, which will help those with weaker creatures.
Monday 10 Oct 8:21am | iOS | Android | 2

Netherlands Takes...
Netherlands Takes Pokémon Go Developer to Court

Niantic is in the country’s crosshairs, after complaints to stop users from disrupting protected natural landmarks have gone unanswered.
Monday 3 Oct 1:21pm | iOS | Android | 4

Wellington-based Developer PikPok Releases Shadow Wars

The monster battling RPG is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices.
Monday 26 Sep 11:00am | iOS | Android | 3

Are Games a Waste of...
Are Games a Waste of Time?

Are we all wasting our time? Would you be wasting your time reading this? Did I waste my time writing it?
Wednesday 21 Sep 11:00am | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | PC | Vita | 3DS | iOS | Android | 29

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