Pokémon: The First Time

Brian looks back at his first playthrough of Pokemon Blue with fondness, nostalgia, and bafflement.

Pokémon: The First Time

Pokémon: The First Time

Brian looks back at his first playthrough of Pokemon Blue with fondness, nostalgia, and bafflement.

Over 15 Million Daily...
Over 15 Million Daily Pokémon Go Users Have Dropped the Game

Engagement and interest in the augmented reality monster catching title has dropped according to analysts.
Wednesday 24 Aug 2:48pm | iOS | Android | 15

Pokémon Go Faces Lawsuit
Pokémon Go Faces Lawsuit

A Detroit couple has filed the class-action lawsuit against Niantic, trying to stop them from putting monsters near private property.
Wednesday 17 Aug 9:14am | iOS | Android | 15

Niantic Is Cracking...
Niantic Is Cracking Down on Pokémon Go Bot Programs

The developer of the augmented reality monster catching hit are coming down on cheaters, and the tools’ creators.
Monday 15 Aug 1:37pm | iOS | Android | 7

Build Your Very Own...
Build Your Very Own Pokémon Themed Phone Charger

One industrious fan has created an appropriately themed charger for all your Pokémon Go escapades.
Thursday 11 Aug 1:36pm | iOS | Android | 10

Unpopular Hearthstone...
Unpopular Hearthstone Card Banned from Arena Mode

The Priest spell “Purify” has been removed from the class’ selection pool in the wildly popular online card game.
Wednesday 10 Aug 1:16pm | PC | iOS | Android | 3

Pokémon Go Updated
Pokémon Go Updated

Developer Niantic released a patch for the wildly popular monster catching game. You can read the full lust of changes here.
Tuesday 9 Aug 1:32pm | iOS | Android | 22

Pokémon Go Banned in...
Pokémon Go Banned in Iran, Deemed Security Concern and Sacrilegious

The governing body for the country’s online activity – the High Council of Virtual Spaces – made the ruling.
Monday 8 Aug 9:29am | iOS | Android | 10

Pokémon: The First Time
Pokémon: The First Time

Pokemon’s first incarnation was an unpolished, buggy mess – but in ‘98 it was epic. Brian revisits his memories of Gen 1, and invites you..
Friday 5 Aug 11:00am | 3DS | iOS | Android | 10

Mobius Final Fantasy...
Mobius Final Fantasy Out Now

The mobile game – which won the Japanese App Store’s “Best of 2015” – is now available for iOS and Android here.
Thursday 4 Aug 1:44pm | iOS | Android | 5

Pokemon Go Developers...
Pokemon Go Developers Take Away Players’ Legendaries

Developer Niantic said that the rare monsters shouldn’t have found their way into people’s games, and they want to preserve “fairness.”
Thursday 4 Aug 8:54am | iOS | Android | 11

New Zealand’s Gaming...
New Zealand’s Gaming Exports Continue to Grow

Our game development industry grew 13 percent last year, bringing in $88.9 million says an independent survey.
Wednesday 3 Aug 2:23pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | iOS | Android | 8

Sega’s Physical and...
Sega’s Physical and Digital Sales on the Rise

The company’s first quarter looks to be positive, with net sales and profits all seeing increases.
Wednesday 3 Aug 1:09pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | iOS | Android | 5

Pokémon Go Glitch...
Pokémon Go Glitch Changes Pokémon after They’re Caught

After the game’s latest update went live a few days ago, players are reporting this bizarre bug popping up.
Wednesday 3 Aug 8:28am | iOS | Android | 3

Russia Fears Pokémon...
Russia Fears Pokémon Go Is a Western Tool to Destabilise the Nation

Playing the game in Russia could land you jail-time, as the country creates its own version of the app that has you catch historical figures.
Monday 1 Aug 2:36pm | iOS | Android | 12

Newly Announced Lady...
Newly Announced Lady Layton Heading West

Developer Level-5 confirmed that the 3DS and mobile mystery game will be localised for western audiences in 2017.
Monday 1 Aug 8:56am | 3DS | iOS | Android

Pokémon Go Tracking...
Pokémon Go Tracking Site Shut Down, Fans Requesting Refunds

Fans are asking developer Niantic for refunds over purchases, as third-party tracking sites are getting shut down.
Monday 1 Aug 8:16am | iOS | Android | 4

Hearthstone's next...
Hearthstone's next Adventure Goes to Karazhan

The next Hearthstone adventure will see gamers travelling to the infamous tower for a night of feasting and frivolity.
Friday 29 Jul 6:35pm | PC | iOS | Android | 1

Player Reaches Max...
Player Reaches Max Level in Pokémon Go

Through the use of exploits and bots, a player has reached the game’s max level – but alas, no Master Ball showed up.
Thursday 28 Jul 1:31pm | iOS | Android | 9

Pokémon Go Downloaded...
Pokémon Go Downloaded 75 Million times Say Analysts

The wildly popular augmented-reality monster catching game is the fastest ever app to reach that number.
Wednesday 27 Jul 2:03pm | iOS | Android | 6

BlizzCon 2016 Virtual...
BlizzCon 2016 Virtual Tickets Now Available

If you can’t make it to the United States in person, don’t worry: Blizzard have you covered with access to HD streams.
Tuesday 26 Jul 2:33pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | iOS | Android | 3

Pokémon Go Players...
Pokémon Go Players Pranked over Mewtwo

Japanese players were lured to a park said to contain the mythical creature – and they came out in droves.
Tuesday 26 Jul 9:23am | iOS | Android

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