The Weekend Chat – Should I Stay or Should I (Pokémon) Go

Have you had your fill of the popular monster catching game?

The Weekend Chat – Should I Stay or Should I (Pokémon) Go

The Weekend Chat – Should I Stay or Should I (Pokémon) Go

Have you had your fill of the popular monster catching game?

BlizzCon 2016 Virtual...
BlizzCon 2016 Virtual Tickets Now Available

If you can’t make it to the United States in person, don’t worry: Blizzard have you covered with access to HD streams.
Tuesday 26 Jul 2:33pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | iOS | Android | 3

Pokémon Go Players...
Pokémon Go Players Pranked over Mewtwo

Japanese players were lured to a park said to contain the mythical creature – and they came out in droves.
Tuesday 26 Jul 9:23am | iOS | Android

Investors Find out...
Investors Find out Nintendo Didn’t Make Pokémon Go, Shares Drop

After the company’s shares skyrocketed last week, they’ve plummeted as investors realise they didn’t make the game.
Tuesday 26 Jul 8:15am | iOS | Android | 8

Local Government Asks...
Local Government Asks Park to Be Delisted as Pokéstop

The City of Canada Bay Council has contacted developer Niantic, claiming that the Pokéstops are causing public disturbances.
Monday 25 Jul 1:46pm | iOS | Android | 1

The Weekend Chat –...
The Weekend Chat – Should I Stay or Should I (Pokémon) Go

Have you had your fill of the popular monster catching game? Or are you just getting started? Let us know inside!
Friday 22 Jul 4:00pm | iOS | Android | 13

Exclusive Apple Watch...
Exclusive Apple Watch RPG Coming from Square Enix

The RPG-giant will be putting out the game this year, with the art director from some of the most lauded Final Fantasy titles on-board too.
Friday 22 Jul 8:35am | iOS

Pokémon Go Player...
Pokémon Go Player Catches ‘em All

An industrious player has completed the North American Pokédex, but nine other creatures have proven elusive.
Friday 22 Jul 8:12am | iOS | Android | 9

Nintendo’s Market...
Nintendo’s Market Value Jumps after Pokémon Go, Higher than Sony’s

The company’s shares and market value sky rocketed since the release of the mobile phenomenon earlier this month.
Thursday 21 Jul 1:59pm | iOS | Android | 6

Live-Action Detective...
Live-Action Detective Pikachu Movie Greenlit

The film will be coming to the silver screen courtesy of Legendary Pictures, with production to begin next year.
Thursday 21 Jul 1:11pm | 3DS | iOS | Android | 3

Pokémon Go Forgets...
Pokémon Go Forgets Why We Play

Has the mobile monster-catching game that's taken the world by storm faithfully replicated the series' base formula?
Thursday 21 Jul 10:58am | iOS | Android | 9

Pokémon Go Player...
Pokémon Go Player Accidentally Drives in to Cop Car

A video showing the minor crash was uploaded by the Baltimore Police Department, thankfully with no injuries.
Wednesday 20 Jul 1:11pm | iOS | Android | 8

Hearthstone State of...
Hearthstone State of the Nation - July 2016

Dylan takes us on a deep dive of Hearthstone's current meta in an interview with associate game designer Dean Ayala.
Tuesday 19 Jul 3:00pm | PC | iOS | Android | 3

Poké Radar App Shows...
Poké Radar App Shows You Where Pokémon Go Monsters Appear

Need a leg up on your fellow trainers? Or maybe you just don’t want to catch anymore Zubats – either way, this app has you covered.
Tuesday 19 Jul 2:26pm | iOS | Android | 3

Homeowner Shoots at...
Homeowner Shoots at Pokémon Go Players, Confusing Them for Burglars

Confusion on the part of a Florida man resulted in the firing of a weapon, as teens were trying to catch a Marowak and Tauros.
Monday 18 Jul 8:22am | iOS | Android | 28

Telltale Games’...
Telltale Games’ Batman Series Gets Release Window

Looks like Batman - The Telltale Games Series will be hitting digital stores this August, and launching into physical outlets this September.
Monday 18 Jul 8:00am | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | PC | iOS | Android | 5

Leaping Tiger Now...
Leaping Tiger Now Supports Pokémon Go

The New Zealand made mobile app – which lets gamers connect with like-minded individuals nearby – now helps trainers team up.
Tuesday 12 Jul 12:28pm | iOS | Android | 4

Pokémon Go to Get...
Pokémon Go to Get Trading in Future Update

The monster catching phenomenon will sport the feature soon according to the developer, but in what form?
Tuesday 12 Jul 8:28am | iOS | Android | 10

Children’s Hospital...
Children’s Hospital Issues Warning about Pokémon Go Players

Ambitious trainers have been wandering in to restricted areas at a children’s hospital in Columbus, Ohio.
Monday 11 Jul 1:58pm | iOS | Android | 2

Pokémon Go Used to...
Pokémon Go Used to Lure Victims in Robberies

The monster-catching augmented reality titled form Niantic has been used by criminals in the US to bring budding trainers to specific locations.
Monday 11 Jul 8:09am | iOS | Android | 6

Australian Police...
Australian Police Station Tries to Keep Pokémon Go Trainers Out

The station, which supposedly houses a Sandshrew, posted a warning to Facebook asking players not to step inside.
Thursday 7 Jul 8:24am | iOS | Android | 9

Nintendo Considering...
Nintendo Considering Smartphone Controllers

With the company expanding into the mobile space, it's considering developing its own peripherals for the medium.
Wednesday 6 Jul 2:30pm | iOS | Android | 3

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