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Halo Wars Strategies

Published Sunday 8 Feb 2009 2:42pm | 26
Tags: demo, strategies, Genocide, Halo Wars

A few sneaky strats to help you out.


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Lag. As Bad As We Think?

Published Thursday 11 Dec 2008 8:44pm | 23
Tags: gaming, online, Lag, Misa Campo loves me and not DjKicks

In this blog I'll explain how lag can benefit you!


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NXE Analysis

Published Friday 21 Nov 2008 8:49pm | 33
Tags: Genocide, NXE, New Xbox Experience

My comments about the New Xbox Experience.


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Mirror's Edge Demo

Published Monday 3 Nov 2008 9:54pm | 19
Tags: Parkour, Genocide, Sex, Mirrors Edge, Faith. Free Running

Mirror's Edge Demo

An analysis of the Mirror's Edge Demo available now.


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