Bye-Bye BoxBoy!

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About Bye-Bye BoxBoy!

Developed by HAL Laboratory, creators of the Kirby series, the BOXBOY! trilogy of puzzle-platformers sees players control Qbby, a simple yet surprisingly expressive square-shaped character, as he makes his way through a multitude of 2D side-scrolling levels. While he may look like a somewhat unassuming hero, Qbby packs a rather special power into that small frame of his – the ability to create a string of boxes out of thin air. By learning to harness that power and use it in a variety of ingenious ways, players will be able to solve the numerous puzzles that lie ahead.


Bye-Bye BoxBoy
Bye-Bye BoxBoy

After two well received excursions, can lightning strike thrice in HAL’s latest puzzle adventure? Find out inside!
Friday 31 Mar 2017 1:00pm | 3DS

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