Titanfall: Frontline

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About Titanfall: Frontline

Collect and upgrade hundreds of Pilots, Titans and burn cards as you put together an unbeatable team to take control of the Frontline and destroy your opponent. Combine your Pilots and Titans to deal extra damage or place your Titans in auto-mode to provide cover as your Pilot attacks the target. With hundreds of cards and combinations at your command, you can play the battle your way and defeat your rival Commanders!


Titanfall Card Game...
Titanfall Card Game Cancelled

Titanfall: Frontline – which was unveiled in September – may be gone, but Respawn still want to make a mobile tie-in.
Monday 16 Jan 2017 1:17pm | iOS | Android | 6

Titanfall Gets Mobile...
Titanfall Gets Mobile Card Game

Slated to release this Spring, Titanfall: Frontline brings a little more strategy to the robot-smashing universe.
Tuesday 13 Sep 2016 9:32am | iOS | Android