Days Gone

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Days Gone Gets New...
Days Gone Gets New Gameplay Footage

It was the same demo press saw at E3, which featured a section of the game played with different variables.
Friday 14 Jul 2017 8:12am | PS4 | 2

Extended Look at Days...
Extended Look at Days Gone

Sony's E3 press briefing gave us a longer look at the new game from Bend Studio, and how we'll be using our wits to outsmart everyone.
Tuesday 13 Jun 2017 5:45pm | PS4 | 6

Days Gone Unveiled
Days Gone Unveiled

The first sign of life from Bend Studio has come in the form of a trailer for their new game, Days Gone
Tuesday 14 Jun 2016 9:23pm | PS4 | 3


Days Gone Eyes-On
Days Gone Eyes-On

How is the rough-and- tough biker Deacon dealing with the post-apocalypse? Any way he can, as it turns out
Thursday 16 Jun 2016 6:37pm | PS4 | 4


E3 2017 Day-2 Wrap-Up
E3 2017 Day-2 Wrap-Up

Days Gone, Gran Turismo, PlayLink, and more! Which games did Keith like the most today? Find out inside.
Thursday 15 Jun 2017 7:00pm | PS4 | PC | 7

E3 Predictions: Sony
E3 Predictions: Sony

With the PlayStation 4 Pro and PSVR behind them, what will Sony have to show off at E3 this year? Luke investigates.
Friday 9 Jun 2017 12:00pm | PS4 | 11


Watch Sony's E3 2016...
Watch Sony's E3 2016 Press Conference

What surprises did Sony have in store for us this year? Find out in the linked conference right here
Monday 13 Jun 2016 10:02pm | PS4 | 19