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About Valkyria Revolution

All it takes is a single spark to start the inferno of war, and in the story of Valkyria Revolution, players will experience that firsthand. Five lifelong friends consumed by personal revenge plunge an entire continent into a terrible war, sacrificing the lives of countless innocents for a cause based on twisted half-truths and outright lies. This "Circle of Five" use their combined influence in their political and military positions to motivate their small, economically blockaded homeland to rise up and become a powerful resistance against its imperialist oppressors.


Valkyria Revolution
Valkyria Revolution

SEGA’s long dormant Valkyria franchise returns with an action-heavy makeover. Is Valkyria Revolution a worthy follow up to a cult classic?
Wednesday 12 Jul 2017 11:00am | PS4 | 5

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Valkyria Revolution...
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The tactical RPG set in the highly popular Valkyria Chronicles universe will be making its way to our shores this June.
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Valkyria: Azure...
Valkyria: Azure Revolution Shortens Title, Heads West

The action RPG set in the Valkyria Chronicles universe will be heading to PS4, Xbox One, and Vita next year.
Thursday 15 Dec 2016 1:32pm | PS4 | Xbox One | Vita | 2

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Valkyria Chronicles Remaster and New Game Heading to PS4

Valkyria: Azure Revolution marks a departure from the steampunk strategy approach of Valkyria Chronicles, in favour of a fantasy RPG.
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