ARK: Survival Evolved

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About ARK: Survival Evolved

As a man or woman stranded naked, freezing and starving on the shores of a mysterious island called ARK, use your skill and cunning to kill or tame & ride the leviathan dinosaurs and other primeval creatures roaming the land. Hunt, harvest resources, craft items, grow crops, research technologies, and build shelters to withstand the elements, while teaming up with or preying upon hundreds of other players to survive, dominate... and escape!


Breakdown of the E3...
Breakdown of the E3 2017 ID@Xbox Montage

Microsoft showcased thirty games in the span of a minute and a half, so we thought it would be nice to take a longer look at what was shown.
Saturday 17 Jun 2017 2:00pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 5

ARK Park Announced for VR
ARK Park Announced for VR

The virtual reality experience based on the world of ARK: Survival Evolved will arrive next year.
Friday 16 Dec 2016 1:45pm | PS4 | 6

New Xbox Play Anywhere...
New Xbox Play Anywhere Initiative Announced

During their E3 Briefing, Microsoft shared a portion of their vision for the future of Xbox with their new initiative called Xbox Play Anywhere
Tuesday 14 Jun 2016 3:27pm | Xbox One | PC | 10

Ark: Survival of the...
Ark: Survival of the Fittest Coming to PS4 This July

Slated for a July 19 release date in North America, the fast-paced dinosaur survival offshoot is coming to Sony’s platform.
Friday 22 Apr 2016 2:00pm | PS4

ARK: Survival Evolved...
ARK: Survival Evolved Heading to Xbox Game Preview This Month

ARK: Survival Evolved is a "hardcore, kill-or-be-killed, persistent-world survival-shooter" that lets you fight and even tame dinosaurs.
Friday 11 Dec 2015 8:34am | Xbox One | 3

A Look at the Teased...
A Look at the Teased Games Coming to ID@Xbox

The independent games program, ID@Xbox, showed off a lot of games during the Microsoft E3 Press Conference. So we took a look at what they were
Friday 19 Jun 2015 5:00am | Xbox One | PC | 3


August 2017 Game...
August 2017 Game Release Schedule

We’re heading towards the end of 2017. Will August keep you occupied, before the rush of Q4 releases?
Wednesday 26 Jul 2017 8:00am | PS4 | Xbox One | Switch | PC | 14


New Games Releasing...
New Games Releasing This Week: August 28 - September 3

Just what’s on the gaming agenda this week? We’ve arranged some of the biggest upcoming releases into one handy article!
Monday 28 Aug 2017 8:07am | PS4 | Xbox One | Wii U | Switch | PC | 5

Ark’s Full Release...
Ark’s Full Release Delayed

The dinosaur-filled multiplayer survival game has been pushed back by three weeks, due to hold-ups during certification.
Tuesday 1 Aug 2017 8:14am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 1

Steam Hits 14M...
Steam Hits 14M Concurrent Users, Breaks Previous Record

Top games played include Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Grand Theft Auto V.
Tuesday 10 Jan 2017 9:45am | PC | 6

Xbox Play Anywhere...
Xbox Play Anywhere Launches This September

The new program – which was unveiled at E3 – will let gamers play some titles on both Xbox One and PC with a single save file.
Monday 4 Jul 2016 1:03pm | Xbox One | PC | 10

Ark Developers...
Ark Developers Allegedly Settle Lawsuit for $40M USD

Developer Studio Wildcard has settled with Trendy Entertainment, after claims that one of its staffers used their technology.
Monday 18 Apr 2016 10:00am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 4

Ark Developer in Legal...
Ark Developer in Legal Battle over Game’s Origin

The developers of the dinosaur-centric survival game are in hot water over its origin, and the staff that worked on it.
Thursday 24 Mar 2016 2:48pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 2

Steam’s December...
Steam’s December Sale Outstrips Its Previous One

Largely due to discounted AAA titles like Fallout 4, Steam's latest batch of sales has doubled the profits seen in the mid-year sales.
Tuesday 12 Jan 2016 12:30pm | PC | 4