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About Just Cause 3

Set in the sun-drenched Mediterranean island republic of Medici, a land crumbling under the ruthless rule of General Di Ravello, you take control of series’ hero Rico Rodriguez, a man on a mission to liberate his homeland and the people of Medici…by any means necessary. With over 400 square miles of complete freedom from sky to seabed and a huge arsenal of weaponry, gadgets and vehicles, prepare to unleash chaos in the most creative and explosive ways you can imagine.


Just Cause 3
Just Cause 3

Avalanche Studios ramps up the destruction to absurd proportions. We see if absurdly-proportioned destruction is as good as it sounds.
Monday 14 Dec 2015 11:00am | PS4 | 5

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PlayStation Plus Games...
PlayStation Plus Games for August 2017

If you’re subscribed to Sony’s online service, you’ll get access to multiple games for PlayStation 4, 3, and Vita.
Thursday 27 Jul 2017 8:48am | PS4 | PS3 | Vita | 17

Just Cause 3...
Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod Launches Today on PC

The team of modders – working independently from Square Enix – have made the mod available on Steam.
Friday 21 Jul 2017 2:29pm | PC

Just Cause 3 Gets...
Just Cause 3 Gets Unofficial Multiplayer

Not to be confused with the cancelled JC3-MP mod, this one gives players the ability to race, skydive, and explore with others.
Monday 9 Jan 2017 1:44pm | PC | 1

Just Cause 3’s...
Just Cause 3’s Bavarium Sea Heist DLC out Now

The third and final content pack of the Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass is now available, with a piecemeal release to come later.
Friday 12 Aug 2016 1:31pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 3

Just Cause 3: Sky...
Just Cause 3: Sky Fortress DLC Launches Next Month

The first part of the Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pass introduces a flying fortress, and gives Rico a weaponised wingsuit with which to fight it.
Friday 19 Feb 2016 12:01pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 4

New Just Cause 3...
New Just Cause 3 Trailer Shows the Game Running at 4K

Just Cause 3's latest trailer shows the PC version of the game running at 4k resolution, with maxed-out graphics settings.
Thursday 19 Nov 2015 11:53am | PC | 2

New Just Cause 3 Dev...
New Just Cause 3 Dev Diary is All About Destruction

Avalanche Studios have released a new developer diary video for Just Cause 3, focusing on the over-the-top destruction that's central to the...
Friday 28 Aug 2015 3:05pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 2

Here's the Full Xbox...
Here's the Full Xbox gamescom Media Briefing

Overnight, Microsoft held their annual gamescom media briefing, showing off what Xbox players have to look forward to in the coming months.
Wednesday 5 Aug 2015 10:43am | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | PC | 2

Just Cause 3 Delivers...
Just Cause 3 Delivers a New Trailer & Release Date

Square Enix have revealed a new trailer for Just Cause 3, with all the explosions, grapple shenanigans and parachuting escapades fans have...
Thursday 18 Jun 2015 1:50pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 3

Just Cause 3's First...
Just Cause 3's First Gameplay Trailer Released

The new trailer opens with Rico Rodriguez gliding through the air, rocket launcher strapped to his back, before hijacking a plane mid-flight.
Wednesday 29 Apr 2015 8:29am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 8

Just Cause 3's First...
Just Cause 3's First Trailer Released

Called Firestarter, the trailer "takes a look inside the mind’s eye of Rico Rodriguez, the most explosive action hero in gaming."
Monday 16 Feb 2015 12:58pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 3


Dene's Top Five Games...
Dene's Top Five Games of 2015

After getting the all-important question of what 2014's Game of the Year was out of the way, Dene looks at this year's offerings.
Tuesday 22 Dec 2015 11:30am | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | PC | 2

Angus' Top Five Games...
Angus' Top Five Games of 2015

A list that isn’t about technical brilliance, or award-winning gameplay - but titles that have connected with me on a personal note.
Wednesday 16 Dec 2015 3:00pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | PC | 2

December 2015 New Game...
December 2015 New Game Releases

The year's not over yet! Just Cause 3, Rainbow Six Siege, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Yo-kai Watch, and more are coming out soon.
Monday 30 Nov 2015 4:00pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PS2 | PS3 | 360 | PC | 3DS | iOS | Android | Xbox | 10


The Weekend Chat: Fan...
The Weekend Chat: Fan Remakes

If fans could make a game with zero legal repercussion, what would you like to see them take on?
Friday 1 Sep 2017 3:50pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PS2 | PS3 | 360 | Wii U | Wii | Switch | PC | Vita | PSP | 3DS | 12

Just Cause Film...
Just Cause Film Planned, Game of Thrones Actor Set to Star

Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones and Aquaman looks set to star in the silver screen adaptation of Square Enix’s action game.
Thursday 9 Mar 2017 1:59pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 11

Square Enix’s...
Square Enix’s Twitter Gets Hacked, Recovers Follower Count

Square Enix’s European account was compromised over the weekend, in addition to the Just Cause official account.
Monday 9 Jan 2017 9:03am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 4

Steam Holiday Sales...
Steam Holiday Sales Are Now Live

Major franchises have seen discounts, including DOOM, Just Cause, Project Cars, and Civilization.
Friday 23 Dec 2016 1:15pm | PC | 16

Steam’s Autumn Sales...
Steam’s Autumn Sales Are Now Live

Despite living in a different hemisphere and experiencing a totally different season, New Zealander’s have access to all the bargains too.
Thursday 24 Nov 2016 1:41pm | PC | 18

Just Cause Developers...
Just Cause Developers Hire Multiplayer Modder

Cameron Foote – better known as the lead behind the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod – has joined Avalanche Games as a developer.
Tuesday 12 Jul 2016 8:49am | PC | 2

Steam’s December...
Steam’s December Sale Outstrips Its Previous One

Largely due to discounted AAA titles like Fallout 4, Steam's latest batch of sales has doubled the profits seen in the mid-year sales.
Tuesday 12 Jan 2016 12:30pm | PC | 4

Piracy Group Has...
Piracy Group Has Trouble Cracking New Games

A major Chinese piracy group says new encryption technologies are hampering their efforts, and talk of a bleak future for cracked games.
Monday 11 Jan 2016 11:30am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 7

Just Cause 3 PC Specs...
Just Cause 3 PC Specs Announced

To get the most out of Just Cause 3 on PC, you'll need 8GB of memory and a GeForce GTX 780 (3GB) or AMD R9 290 (4GB) graphics card.
Tuesday 24 Nov 2015 12:36pm | PC | 1

Sony Announces 100+...
Sony Announces 100+ Playable Titles for PlayStation Experience

Those lucky enough to attend PlayStation Experience in San Francisco next month will be able to play Far Cry Primal, Uncharted 4, and many more.
Monday 16 Nov 2015 1:57pm | PS4 | PS3 | Vita

Avalanche Studios Hit...
Avalanche Studios Hit With Layoffs

The developers of Mad Max and the upcoming Just Cause 3 have endured two sets of layoffs recently as they shift to new projects.
Tuesday 3 Nov 2015 8:37am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 2

Square Enix Bringing...
Square Enix Bringing Nier New Project to Paris Games Week

Square Enix has been quiet about Nier New Project since its announcement in June, but more information will be revealed this month.
Friday 16 Oct 2015 8:32am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 3DS | 3

Square Enix TGS...
Square Enix TGS Schedule Includes a 'Secret' Presentation

Square Enix have released the full schedule for their TGS 2015 stage and studio broadcasts, which include a "secret" presentation.
Tuesday 8 Sep 2015 5:03pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | PC | Vita | 6

Square Enix Reveal...
Square Enix Reveal Gamescom 2015 Lineup

Square Enix have revealed their lineup for Gamescom 2015, with live events for Final Fantasy XV, Hitman, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.
Friday 17 Jul 2015 11:29am | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | PC | iOS | Android | 3

Square Enix to Host E3...
Square Enix to Host E3 Conference This Year

This year, Square Enix will be hosting a dedicated press conference at E3, to show off their "exciting slate of games coming out in 2015 and...
Friday 24 Apr 2015 8:49am | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | PC | 3DS | iOS | Android | 3

Just Cause 3 Coming to...
Just Cause 3 Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC in 2015

Just Cause 3 has been officially announced for a 2015 release, confirming rumours from earlier this year.
Wednesday 12 Nov 2014 8:31am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 8

Just Cause Dev Teases...
Just Cause Dev Teases "Several Surprises for Next Year"

Avalanche Studios, the developer behind the Just Cause series and the forthcoming Mad Max game had "several surprises" to reveal for 2015.
Thursday 21 Aug 2014 1:30pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | PC | 7

Rumour: Just Cause 3...
Rumour: Just Cause 3 Arriving in 2015

The LinkedIn profile for Just Cause director Christofer Sundberg lists an "unannounced sandbox action game" from a "well-known game series."
Friday 25 Apr 2014 10:27am | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | PC | 8