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World of Warcraft Gets...
World of Warcraft Gets New Expansion, Vanilla Servers

Turn back the clock to a simpler time with World of Warcraft Classic. Head on inside for the trailer.
Monday 6 Nov 2017 8:30am | PC | 4

World of Warcraft’s...
World of Warcraft’s Latest Content Patch Is Now Live

Shadow of Argus adds a new dungeon, story chapters, and more ways to upgrade your weapons.
Wednesday 30 Aug 2017 3:12pm | PC | 4

World of Warcraft’s...
World of Warcraft’s Latest Content Patch Is Now Live

Patch 7.2: The Tome of Sargeras has heroes return to the Broken Shore, delve into a brand new dungeon, and more.
Wednesday 29 Mar 2017 1:23pm | PC | 5

World of Warcraft Now...
World of Warcraft Now Lets Players Trade Game Time Tokens for Overwatch, Hearthstone Loot

Players can buy the tokens with gold, which formerly only allowed extra game time to be added to their account.
Tuesday 7 Feb 2017 1:17pm | PC | 2

World of Warcraft...
World of Warcraft Patch 7.1.5 Is Now Live

New content has been added to the long-standing MMO, including all-new legendary items and an upcoming raid.
Wednesday 11 Jan 2017 1:44pm | PC | 4

World of Warcraft’s...
World of Warcraft’s Latest Content Patch Is Live

Players will be able to return to Karazhan, and have a host of new features to look forward to next time they log in.
Wednesday 26 Oct 2016 8:09am | PC

Blacksmith Brings...
Blacksmith Brings World of Warcraft Weapons to Life

Hollywood blacksmith Tony Swatton has forged some of the game’s most recognisable weapons, including the infamous Warglaives of Azzinoth.
Tuesday 30 Aug 2016 2:12pm | PC | 2

Blizzard Unveils Lich...
Blizzard Unveils Lich King Statue in Taiwan

The developer erected the statue of the iconic Warcraft character at an event in Taichung, standing 3.2 meters tall.
Wednesday 27 Jul 2016 12:58pm | PC | 3

World of Warcraft Gets...
World of Warcraft Gets Animated Short, Audio Drama

Blizzard announced during San Diego Comic Con that their wildly popular MMO will be getting several multimedia outings.
Monday 25 Jul 2016 9:14am | PC | 3

To Get Hearthstone's...
To Get Hearthstone's New Hero, You Must Play World of Warcraft (For Free)

Lady Liadrin is now available in Hearthstone, but to unlock her you'll need to reach level 20 in World of Warcraft's free version.
Thursday 17 Mar 2016 9:25am | PC | iOS | 1

First Trailer for the...
First Trailer for the Warcraft Film Debuts at BlizzCon

At BlizzCon this weekend, Blizzard and Legendary Pictures debuted the first trailer for the upcoming film adaptation of Warcraft.
Monday 9 Nov 2015 8:29am | PC | iOS | 6

World of Warcraft:...
World of Warcraft: Legion Announced, Adds Demon Hunter Class

As well as the Illidan-inspired Demon Hunter class, there's a new Artifact Weapon system, increased level cap, new continent, and more.
Friday 7 Aug 2015 10:12am | PC | 1

BlizzCon Virtual...
BlizzCon Virtual Tickets Now On Sale

Virtual Tickets cost US$39.99, and include community contests, in-game items, on-demand replays, and a broadcast of the closing ceremony.
Friday 5 Sep 2014 3:35pm | PC | iOS | 3

World of Warcraft:...
World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Dated

The next expansion for Blizzard's powerhouse MMORPG will be available on November 13, just shy of the game's tenth anniversary.
Friday 15 Aug 2014 8:36am | PC | 5

Azeroth Choppers...
Azeroth Choppers Episodes 2 Now Live

A collaboration between Blizzard and American Chopper's Paul Jr. sees two teams creating World of Warcraft-themed motorcycles.
Tuesday 29 Apr 2014 4:47pm | PC | 1

The Rise of Videogame...
The Rise of Videogame Economies - PBS Off Book

A new video from America's Public Broadcasing Service (PBS) discussing the state of virtual online game economies in various forms.
Wednesday 19 Mar 2014 10:11am | PS4 | PS2 | PS3 | 360 | PC | 2

World of Warcraft:...
World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Announced

The next expansion adds time travel, it seems, along with a boost to level 100, upgradeable garrisons, and more.
Saturday 9 Nov 2013 9:08am | PC | 10

That's Odd: Angry...
That's Odd: Angry Birds Theme Covered By New Band "Critical Hit"

Their 12-track album includes music from Call of Duty, Pokemon, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Halo, and much more.
Wednesday 30 Oct 2013 11:38am | PS2 | PS3 | 360 | Wii U | Wii | PC | Vita | 3DS | DS | iOS | Android | Xbox | GCN | GBA | 6

New World of Warcraft...
New World of Warcraft Mount Now Available

Expands the collection of digital consumables available on the Blizzard Store to 16.
Friday 31 May 2013 2:49pm | PC | 4

That's Odd:
That's Odd: "Stinky" Foot Controller Announced, Kickstarter Coming

The Stinky Footboard is a new kind of controller; one that goes under your desk, and you then stand on...
Thursday 21 Mar 2013 4:26pm | PC | 3

World of Warcraft...
World of Warcraft Prepares for the Thunder King

A new trailer for patch 5.2: The Thunder King, World of Warcraft's next big content drop.
Thursday 28 Feb 2013 1:57pm | PC

World of Warcraft...
World of Warcraft Turns Eight Years Old

To celebrate, the developer has released a video looking back at the initial version the expansions that followed
Wednesday 21 Nov 2012 5:15pm | PC | 1

World of Warcraft...
World of Warcraft Instant-Kill Hack Fixed

Blizzard quickly patch an exploit that enabled players to kill anyone in the game and lay waste to entire cities.
Monday 8 Oct 2012 3:26pm | PC | 1

World of Warcraft...
World of Warcraft Patch 4.3 Now Live

Transmogrification, raid finder, new dungeons and more now available to play
Wednesday 30 Nov 2011 12:15pm | PC

Chuck Norris vs. World...
Chuck Norris vs. World of Warcraft

Chuck Norris kicks off WoW's 7th birthday celebrations
Monday 21 Nov 2011 12:15pm | PC | 3


World of Warcraft...
World of Warcraft Patch 7.2 Interview

We talk with senior producer Travis Day and dungeon/raid designer Morgan Day about the MMO juggernaut's latest content addition.
Tuesday 18 Apr 2017 3:00pm | PC

Will There Be A Good...
Will There Be A Good Videogame Movie This Year?

Liam from looks through the options and places a bet on which of the game-films will be worth watching.
Friday 10 Jan 2014 3:38pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | Vita | PSP | 3DS | 27

Sennheiser G4ME ONE...
Sennheiser G4ME ONE Headset Review

The bleeding edge of Sennheiser's continuing push into gaming hardware goes through the test cycle; find out what we thought.
Thursday 21 Nov 2013 2:42pm | PS4 | PS3 | 360 | PC | 7

Blizzcon 2013 - Live Blog
Blizzcon 2013 - Live Blog

Blizzard's multi-game convention is back, after a one-year hiatus, with all sorts of announcements expected. Follow the fun right here!
Friday 8 Nov 2013 9:08pm | PS3 | 360 | PC | 7

Prediction: 18 Games...
Prediction: 18 Games To Be Announced This Year

Eighteen games we haven't heard about yet, but suspect we will by the end of the year.
Tuesday 5 Feb 2013 8:00am | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | Wii U | 40

Game Masters: December...
Game Masters: December and January

Game Masters: The Exhibition is finally here and we're breaking it down, month by month. First up: December and January.
Thursday 13 Dec 2012 2:00pm | PS2 | PS3 | 360 | PC | 3DS | Xbox | 9

A Chat With Sony's...
A Chat With Sony's Frank Simon

We sit down with the senior managing producer behind many of Sony's biggest franchises. What makes him (and them) tick?
Thursday 31 May 2012 8:00am | PS3 | Vita | PSP

Used vs. New: On The...
Used vs. New: On The Other Hand...

What's mine is yours: Conrad explains why the industry needs secondhand gamers, in response to Aylon
Friday 24 Feb 2012 4:15pm | PS3 | 360 | Wii | PC | Vita | PSP | 3DS | DS | 7

Cheapies and Freebies
Cheapies and Freebies

Mike goes back to check out those little gems that never quite leave your hard disk.
Wednesday 25 Jan 2012 11:15am | PC | 5

Board Games for...
Board Games for Computer Gamers

A look at board games that may appeal to NZ Gamers
Thursday 19 Aug 2010 8:00am | PC | 19

NZGamer Podcast...
NZGamer Podcast Episode #55

With the producer of Shatter from Sidhe Interactive!
Friday 24 Jul 2009 10:00am | PS2 | PS3 | 360 | Wii | PSP | DS | 9

MUDs, Glorious MUDs
MUDs, Glorious MUDs

Jess gets her hands dirty with text-based MUDing
Tuesday 26 Feb 2008 10:00am | PC

Rumour Monkey #19
Rumour Monkey #19

He's back, and more alcohol fueled than ever.
Tuesday 24 Oct 2006 10:00am | PC

Rumour Monkey #17
Rumour Monkey #17

That darn monkey won't go away!
Tuesday 5 Sep 2006 10:00am | PC

Rumour Monkey #9
Rumour Monkey #9

Monkey deals to more fiendish rumours.
Friday 21 Oct 2005 6:20pm | PS2 | 360 | PSP

Take A Byte VI
Take A Byte VI

Tristan discusses the narrow view of most games publishers.
Monday 5 Sep 2005 9:21am | PC

Take a Byte IV
Take a Byte IV

Tristan talks about the things you shouldn't talk about on a kid-friendly website, and tries to relate it to gaming.
Thursday 16 Jun 2005 12:00pm | PC

Take a Byte II
Take a Byte II

Tristan explores the enticing world of online gaming...and finds that he doesn't want to leave it.
Monday 4 Apr 2005 12:00pm | PC

Take a Byte I
Take a Byte I

Polygon counts face off against atmospherics in Tristan's debut column, Take a Byte.
Friday 4 Mar 2005 12:00pm | PC | 1


Win a World of...
Win a World of WarCraft Headset!

Don't grind your ears any longer
Friday 17 Dec 2010 3:30pm | PC | 10


NZ Dollar Coming to...
NZ Dollar Coming to Blizzard

Later this year the USD will be changed to NZD for pricing on Blizzard - and yes, that means your Blizzard balance too.
Wednesday 18 Oct 2017 6:00pm | PC | 1

BlizzCon 2017 Event...
BlizzCon 2017 Event Schedule Includes World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and More

Even if you aren’t attending the event, Blizzard is still offering Virtual Tickets – offering live streams of all stages.
Wednesday 4 Oct 2017 2:43pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 3

Blizzard and Twitch...
Blizzard and Twitch Make Streaming Deal

The deal between the popular streaming service and Blizzard will see Twitch subscribers getting free Overwatch loot boxes.
Wednesday 21 Jun 2017 3:35pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | iOS | Android | 5

Blizzard Comes out on...
Blizzard Comes out on Top of $8.5M USD Lawsuit Against Hack Makers

US courts ruled in favour of Blizzard, with the German hack makers also having to cover the company’s legal fees.
Wednesday 5 Apr 2017 1:21pm | PC | 12

Blizzard Quiet on...
Blizzard Quiet on Legacy World of Warcraft Servers, Fan Devs to Release Source Code

The team behind the now-defunct Nostalrius server have given the code to another enthusiast team, in the hopes that it will live on.
Monday 7 Nov 2016 2:22pm | PC | 1

World of Warcraft’s...
World of Warcraft’s Game Director Moves on to New Blizzard Project

Tom Chilton – who has been working on the game since its 2004 launch – is moving on to a mysterious new project.
Friday 14 Oct 2016 2:08pm | PC | 3

Chris Metzen Retires...
Chris Metzen Retires from Blizzard

The long-time employee who has worked on Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo, is leaving to spend time with his family.
Tuesday 13 Sep 2016 1:00pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 2

BlizzCon 2016 Virtual...
BlizzCon 2016 Virtual Tickets Now Available

If you can’t make it to the United States in person, don’t worry: Blizzard have you covered with access to HD streams.
Tuesday 26 Jul 2016 2:33pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | iOS | Android | 3

World of Warcraft...
World of Warcraft Cookbook Releases This October

IF things like Honey Spiced Lichen, Ironforge Rations, and Sweet Potato Bread sound like your thing, then it looks like Blizzard have you...
Monday 16 May 2016 10:27am | PC | 3

Admins of Private...
Admins of Private World of Warcraft Server Meeting with Blizzard

The owners of recently shutdown private server Nostalrius are meeting with the official developers of the persistently popular MMO.
Monday 2 May 2016 12:00pm | PC | 3

World of Warcraft’s...
World of Warcraft’s next Expansion Gets a Release Date

World of Warcraft: Legion will be set to launch August 30, according to developer Blizzard – bringing new quests, items, and weapons.
Tuesday 19 Apr 2016 2:00pm | PC | 1

Blizzard Closes...
Blizzard Closes Popular Unofficial World of Warcraft Servers

Referred to as “vanilla” servers, they ran an older version of the popular Warcraft-based MMO, as it was between 2004 and 2007.
Friday 8 Apr 2016 11:00am | PC

Big Discounts in...
Big Discounts in Blizzard's Holiday Sales

Select Heroes of the Storm content and the first two StarCraft II games are 50% off, while World of Warcraft is reduced by 75%.
Wednesday 25 Nov 2015 1:02pm | PC | 2

Warcraft Movie Trailer...
Warcraft Movie Trailer Debuts This Week

Alongside the announcement of an upcoming trailer for Warcraft, a new poster was released to highlight the conflict between the Alliance and...
Tuesday 3 Nov 2015 10:07am | PC | iOS | Android | 3

Blizzard Shares...
Blizzard Shares Cosplay Reference Kits Ahead of BlizzCon

Blizzard have released a series of reference kits for those wanting to cosplay as their favourite Blizzard heroes at upcoming conventions.
Friday 11 Sep 2015 10:22am | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | PC | iOS | 2

World of Warcraft...
World of Warcraft Subscriber Numbers Their Lowest in Almost a Decade

Activision Blizzard have revealed that World of Warcraft subscriber numbers have fallen to 5.6 million, the lowest since 2005.
Wednesday 5 Aug 2015 11:28am | PC | 2

World of Warcraft's...
World of Warcraft's Sixth Expansion to be Revealed Next Week

The next expansion for World of Warcraft will be unveiled in an event streamed lived from gamescom, starting at 4am on August 7.
Thursday 30 Jul 2015 9:32am | PC | 1

Warcraft Movie Could...
Warcraft Movie Could Be the Start of a Trilogy

Additionally, Blizzard and Legendary Comics have announced a prequel graphic novel, called Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood.
Friday 10 Jul 2015 1:35pm | PC | iOS | 6

World Video Game Hall...
World Video Game Hall of Fame Finalists Announced

The Hall of Fame's inaugural class will be chosen from 15 finalists, including Doom, Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, The Sims, and...
Wednesday 29 Apr 2015 1:41pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | Wii U | PC | Vita | 3DS | iOS | Android | 7

World of Warcraft to...
World of Warcraft to Add Shipyards, Naval Missions

With the version 6.2 update, players with a level 3 garrison will be able to build shipyards, and construct ships to dispatch on naval missions.
Wednesday 15 Apr 2015 3:45pm | PC | 2

BlizzCon 2015 Dated,...
BlizzCon 2015 Dated, Tickets On Sale in April

This year's BlizzCon will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Los Angeles, California from November 6 - 7.
Friday 13 Mar 2015 10:01am | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | PC | 5

WoW Token Lets World...
WoW Token Lets World of Warcraft Players Exchange Gold for Game Time

An upcoming World of Warcraft patch will introduce a means for players to buy game time from one another with gold earned in-game.
Tuesday 3 Mar 2015 8:51am | PC | 3

World of Warcraft...
World of Warcraft Getting New Colourblind Support Settings

New accessibility settings in the next major update let players adjust colour display to account different types of colour blindness.
Tuesday 17 Feb 2015 11:10am | PC

World of Warcraft...
World of Warcraft Raises $1.9M for Ebola Relief Efforts

Blizzard have raised over $1.9 million USD for the Red Cross' Ebola relief effort in Africa, with the latest charity pet promotion.
Thursday 12 Feb 2015 2:16pm | PC

World of Warcraft...
World of Warcraft Getting a Selfie Feature

World of Warcraft players will soon be able to make their characters take photos of themselves, complete with "duck faces" and other expressions.
Tuesday 27 Jan 2015 2:34pm | PC | 9

World of Warcraft...
World of Warcraft Veterans Getting Free Statue

Anyone who's been playing World of Warcraft for the past 10 years is getting a special statue, based on the orc statue at Blizzard's...
Monday 19 Jan 2015 9:12am | PC | 9

World of Warcraft...
World of Warcraft Exceeds 10 Million Subscribers

Additionally, Blizzard announced that Warlords of Draenor sold-through more than 3.3 million copies in its first 24 hours.
Thursday 20 Nov 2014 1:14pm | PC | 4

Blizzard Apologises...
Blizzard Apologises for WoW Server Issues with Free Game Time

Every World of Warcraft player whose account was active on November 14 will get five days of additional gametime for free.
Wednesday 19 Nov 2014 11:25am | PC | 2

Some World of Warcraft...
Some World of Warcraft Players Are Already Level 100

Warlords of Draenor has been available for less than a day, but some players have already hit the new level cap.
Friday 14 Nov 2014 2:24pm | PC | 4

Times Square...
Times Square Installation Celebrates Warlords of Draenor

An installation in New York's Times Square shows the aftermath of a cab's unfortunate encounter with Gorehowl, Grommash Hellscream's axe.
Wednesday 12 Nov 2014 3:56pm | PC | 6

World of Warcraft's...
World of Warcraft's Australian Servers Are Now Live

The new World of Warcraft data centre physically located in Australia is now opening, giving Australasian players a big latency improvement.
Thursday 30 Oct 2014 2:03pm | PC | 2

World of Warcraft...
World of Warcraft Getting Australian Servers

Ahead of the launch of Warlords of Draenor on November 13, Blizzard will open an Australia-based data centre for World of Warcraft.
Friday 24 Oct 2014 9:33am | PC | 4

Metallica to Close...
Metallica to Close BlizzCon This Year

The closing ceremony for this year's Blizzard community event, BlizzCon, will feature Metallica as the headline act.
Wednesday 22 Oct 2014 8:56am | PS4 | Xbox One | PS2 | PS3 | 360 | PC | iOS | Xbox | GCN | 7

World of Warcraft Will...
World of Warcraft Will Let Players "Undelete" Characters

A pre-Warlords of Draenor patch will add an "undelete" feature to World of Warcraft, letting players restore deleted characters.
Friday 26 Sep 2014 9:49am | PC | 2

World of Warcraft's...
World of Warcraft's Robin Williams Tribute Found

Players in the Warlords of Draenor beta have found an NPC called Robin - a blue genie concerned about his "itty bitty living space."
Friday 5 Sep 2014 8:20am | PC | 4

Blizzard to Honour...
Blizzard to Honour Robin Williams in World of Warcraft

Blizzard has revealed plans to memorialise comedian and actor Robin Williams in World of Warcraft, after his passing earlier this week.
Thursday 14 Aug 2014 2:59pm | PC | 9

Celebrate World of...
Celebrate World of Warcraft's 10th Anniversary with a Molten Corgi

Other commemoration events include a Tarren Mill vs. Southshore battleground, and a max-level version of the Molten Core raid dungeon.
Thursday 7 Aug 2014 9:49am | PC | 11

World of Warcraft...
World of Warcraft Subscriptions Fall by 800,000

The fall is in line with Blizzard's expectations, and World of Warcraft revenue is still up thanks to Warlords of Draenor pre-orders.
Wednesday 6 Aug 2014 3:00pm | PC | 10

Microtransactions on...
Microtransactions on the Rise in Subscription MMOs

The number of global MMORPG subscribers has fallen from 30.6 million in 2010 to 23.4 million in 2013, offset by a rise in in-game spending.
Monday 21 Jul 2014 10:57am | PS4 | PS3 | PC | 5

Chief Creative Officer...
Chief Creative Officer Rob Pardo Leaves Blizzard

After 17 years with Blizzard, Rob Pardo has left to purse the "next chapter" in his life and career.
Friday 4 Jul 2014 8:37am | PS4 | PS3 | 360 | PC | iOS | 3

Filming for Warcraft...
Filming for Warcraft Movie Now Complete

Director Duncan Jones revealed on Friday that filming for Universal's Warcraft film is now finished.
Monday 26 May 2014 10:44am | PC | iOS | 5

Blizzard to Trial Free...
Blizzard to Trial Free Faction Changes for World of Warcraft

A week-long trial of free faction changes will begin on the Barthilas realm on May 27th, to help address lengthy PVP wait times.
Thursday 22 May 2014 7:51pm | PC | 1

BlizzCon 2014 Taking...
BlizzCon 2014 Taking Place November 7 - 8

Tickets go on sale for US$199 on May 8th, with details of Virtual Tickets to be announced at a later date.
Wednesday 23 Apr 2014 4:36pm | PS4 | PS3 | 360 | PC | iOS | 3

Warlords of Draenor...
Warlords of Draenor Launching in Spring, Pre-orders Open

The standard digital version will cost US$49.99, while the Digital Deluxe Edition costs $69.99.
Tuesday 11 Mar 2014 1:22pm | PC | 3

World of Warcraft: New...
World of Warcraft: New Female Orc Model Revealed

The new Orc female "looks and feels more like you’d expect an Orc to" in Warlords of Draenor.
Thursday 20 Feb 2014 2:33pm | PC | 1

World of Warcraft...
World of Warcraft Update Allows Cross-Realm Mail

Account-bound items can be mailed between servers, and the cash shop can now be accessed from within the game
Thursday 12 Dec 2013 10:07am | PC | 1

NSA and CIA Spied on...
NSA and CIA Spied on World of Warcraft and Xbox Live

Leaked classified documents reveal that counterterrorism operations in the US and UK have included spying on online games.
Tuesday 10 Dec 2013 8:36am | PC | 19

Warcraft Movie...
Warcraft Movie Official Cast Revealed

Ben Foster, Paula Patton, and Toby Kebbell are among those that Universal Pictures have secured for the Wacraft film.
Thursday 5 Dec 2013 4:21pm | PC | 8

Warcraft Movie Details...
Warcraft Movie Details Emerge from Blizzcon

New details about the plot for the upcoming Warcraft film have emerged from a Blizzcon panel involving the film's director and Blizzard staff.
Sunday 10 Nov 2013 5:32pm | PC | 13

Activision's Third-Quarter 2013 Earnings Beat Expectations

Activision Blizzard's latest financial report shows better-than-expected earnings for the the third quarter of 2013.
Thursday 7 Nov 2013 3:14pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | Wii U | PC | 7

Diablo III: Reaper of...
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Confirmed for PlayStation 4

Will be playable at BlizzCon next month, publisher confirms; no word on versions of the expansion for current-gen consoles
Friday 18 Oct 2013 10:37am | PS4 | PC | 3

Blizzcon Virtual...
Blizzcon Virtual Tickets Now On Sale

Not going to Blizzcon? A virtual ticket is almost as good, and it comes with virtual loot for four of Blizzard's games.
Friday 13 Sep 2013 4:41pm | PS4 | PS3 | 360 | PC | 1

Blizzard To Announce...
Blizzard To Announce Something At Gamescom

Company tease an announcement related to one of their products; more to be revealed in three weeks.
Thursday 1 Aug 2013 11:28am | PS4 | PS3 | 360 | PC | 14

Activision Blizzard...
Activision Blizzard Goes Independent in $10 Billion Buyout

Bobby Kotick leads the charge in big-ticket buyout; Vivendi to retain part ownership in new company.
Friday 26 Jul 2013 5:23pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PS2 | PS3 | 360 | Wii U | Wii | PC | Vita | PSP | 3DS | DS | Xbox | GCN | GBA | 4

Playing World of...
Playing World of Warcraft May Improve Social Competence, Says Study

Contrary to the common assumption, a study suggests that playing WoW may not damage teenagers’ social skills.
Friday 26 Jul 2013 9:38am | PC | 3

Blizzard Now Selling...
Blizzard Now Selling Cosmetic WoW Armor

Virtual headgear that can be used to alter the appearance of your in-game World of Warcraft characters.
Thursday 18 Jul 2013 12:43pm | PC | 11

Rumour: Blizzard's "Titan" Delayed, Development Restarted

Unannounced MMO supposedly being reset, won't release until 2016 at the earliest.
Wednesday 29 May 2013 11:16am | PC | 3

World of Warcraft 5.3 Now Live

The latest WoW patch adds world events, new scenarios, heroic scenarios, and more.
Thursday 23 May 2013 11:00am | PC | 2

Blizzcon Ticket Sales Date Announced

If you're planning on going to Blizzcon, make sure your credit card is ready to go at the end of the month.
Friday 5 Apr 2013 11:55am | PS4 | PS3 | PC

BlizzCon 2013 Announced

Blizzard have announced the next iteration of their popular BlizzCon convention, taking place in November.
Wednesday 20 Feb 2013 12:11pm | PS4 | PS3 | 360 | PC | 1

Duncan Jones (Source Code) To Direct Warcraft Movie

David Bowie's son and award-winning director due to start production later this year.
Thursday 31 Jan 2013 1:58pm | PC

Auckland Game Summit Features Artists from Blizzard, Valve

Auckland's Media Design School has announced the speakers that will headline their upcoming Game Summit event
Wednesday 23 Jan 2013 4:37pm | PC | iOS

World of Warcraft 5.1 Update Now Live

The first content update since the release of Mists of Pandaria is now available.
Wednesday 28 Nov 2012 12:16pm | PC | 1

World of Warcraft Pet to Support Victims of Sandy

Blizzard have announced the upcoming release of a new purchasable companion pet for use in World of Warcraft.
Thursday 8 Nov 2012 2:03pm | PC

Mists of Pandaria Playable from 7pm Today

World of Warcraft expands yet again today, and you can play it just after dinner. Read on for all the details.
Tuesday 25 Sep 2012 8:15am | PC

Pre-Expansion Patch Released for World of Warcraft

Patch 5.04 paves the way for Mists of Pandaria, reaching deep into the core of WoW to change much of what it finds there.
Wednesday 29 Aug 2012 1:24pm | PC

World of Warcraft Remote Now Free to Use

Buy and sell from the auction house and chat to other guild mates from your phone, for free, from today.
Friday 24 Aug 2012 2:02pm | PC

Blizzard Notifies Players of Unauthorized Access to Account Information

A breach of account security has resulted in the unauthorized release of some player information to outside sources.
Friday 10 Aug 2012 11:09am | PC | 1

Blizzard Sell 10M Copies of Diablo III, Lose 1.1M WoW Subscribers

The latest Activision Blizzard financial update has revealed some interesting numbers around the publisher's key properties
Friday 3 Aug 2012 10:30am | PC | 1

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Dated

The new expansion adds a new race, a new class, a Pokemon-like pet battling system, and numerous other features
Thursday 26 Jul 2012 9:24am | PC | 2

Rumour: Microsoft in Running to Buy Activision Blizzard

With the parent company in trouble, it's possible Activision Blizzard might be up for sale. But who will buy them?
Thursday 12 Jul 2012 10:00am | PS3 | 360 | PC | 7

More Details on Anders Breivik's Gaming Connection

The mass-murderer from Norway talks about Call of Duty and World of Warcraft
Friday 20 Apr 2012 9:04am | PS3 | 360 | PC | 4

April Fools Gaming Roundup

The best gaming-related gags, gathered up in one place for your easy consumption
Monday 2 Apr 2012 10:14am | PS3 | 360 | PC | 7

World of Warcraft Expansion Enters Beta

Blizzard have kicked off the beta period for Mists of Pandaria
Thursday 22 Mar 2012 3:25pm | PC | 4

Free-to-play World of Tanks Makes Millions a Month

With more than 20 million registered players, tank sim cements F2P model
Tuesday 20 Mar 2012 9:58am | PC | 5

Updated: Blizzard Appeal to Ex-WoW Players With Tempting Offer

A buff to the Scroll of Resurrection system makes returning to WoW more attractive than ever
Wednesday 7 Mar 2012 2:25pm | PC | 16

Blizzard To Layoff 600 Staff

World of Warcraft developer make deep cuts on the back of declining subsciber numbers
Thursday 1 Mar 2012 10:27am | PC | 2

New Information on Upcoming Blizzard Games

Diablo III, StarCraft II, and World of Warcraft titles detailed
Friday 10 Feb 2012 12:39pm | PC | 5

No BlizzCon This Year, World Championship Announced

Blizzard's jam-packed schedule doesn't allow room for a conference this year
Thursday 26 Jan 2012 11:56am | PC

Blizzard Phone Support for NZ Extended

Ever needed to get in touch with Blizzard?
Friday 20 Jan 2012 2:19pm | PC | 1

Video Game Awards - The Winners

Now that the VGAs are over, we've got all the important details right here. What details? Well, who won what, of course!
Monday 12 Dec 2011 9:10am | PS3 | 360 | Wii | PC | 3DS | iOS | 18

BlizzCon - Get Diablo III for Free with WoW Annual Pass

Blizzard have this morning announced the World of WarCraft annual pass
Saturday 22 Oct 2011 7:53am | PC | 1

BlizzCon - New WoW Expansion Announced

Blizzard have this morning announced Mists of Pandaria, a new expansion for WoW
Saturday 22 Oct 2011 7:43am | PC

Foo Fighters to Play at BlizzCon

Just when you thought you were as gutted as you could be to not be going
Thursday 29 Sep 2011 9:38am | PC

BlizzCon Store Preview Sale Starts Tomorrow

What are you doing at 5am tomorrow morning? Got a BlizzCon 2011 Virtual Ticket?
Friday 23 Sep 2011 1:37pm | PC

BlizzCon 2011 Virtual Ticket Now Available

Keen to see what's next for big Blizz? Can't get to Anaheim? Where there's a will
Thursday 4 Aug 2011 3:55pm | PC

Blizzard Raise $1.9M For Japan Earthquake Relief

Fund raising thanks to the sale of a virtual pet in World of Warcraft
Thursday 4 Aug 2011 1:37pm | PC

Opinion: Videogames Not At Fault in Norway Murders

Links are being made to Modern Warfare and World of Warcraft - is this fair?
Monday 25 Jul 2011 10:04am | PS3 | 360 | PC | 25

New WoW Feature Lets You Group With RealID Friends Across Realms

Blizzard are rolling out a new grouping feature that lets you hang out with your mates
Friday 15 Jul 2011 2:03pm | PC

Wowathon 3 - Raising Money for Charity by Grinding Noobs

Why would you play WoW non-stop, beginning to end? To help sick kids, of course.
Friday 1 Jul 2011 4:27pm | PC

World of Warcraft Starter Edition Launched

Pssst... hey you... wanna try some WoW? First hit is free, give it a shot...
Wednesday 29 Jun 2011 12:53pm | PC | 1

Video: World of Warcraft - Rage of the Firelands

Ragnaros is back and Thrall needs your help - check out the trailer for patch 4.2
Friday 17 Jun 2011 12:45pm | PC

Disturbing: Chinese Prisoners Allegedly Forced To Farm Gold

The Guardian are reporting on a disturbing discovery involving online currency
Thursday 26 May 2011 3:08pm | PC | 7

Blizzard Make Wishes Come True

But we're not talking about Diablo 3. Blizzard's generosity, however, knows no bounds
Friday 6 May 2011 11:05am | PC | 1

World of Warcraft: Firelands Video Preview

With patch 4.1 trolling WoW players, it's time to look to patch 4.2!
Thursday 28 Apr 2011 3:45pm | PC

New World of Warcraft Content Patch Now Live

Blizzard are trolling their players with the latest WoW content patch
Wednesday 27 Apr 2011 1:13pm | PC

World of Warcraft App Lets You Guild Chat From Your iPhone

The latest update to the iPhone WoW app brings guild chat to your pocket
Tuesday 19 Apr 2011 2:10pm | PC | 1

BlizzCon Ticket Details Announced

Tickets for the upcoming Blizzard Conference go on sale next month
Wednesday 13 Apr 2011 3:34pm | PC

Blizzard Bullish On Potential Of New MMO

Project Titan has the potential to eclipse World of Warcraft, developer says
Wednesday 9 Mar 2011 9:11am | PC | 1

Blizzcon 2011 Dates Announced

Blizzard have announced dates for the next Blizzcon, where attendees get to celebrate all things Blizzard related
Tuesday 8 Feb 2011 9:45am | PC

PayPal Banning World of WarCraft Gold Sellers

Farm at your own risk, pirate
Tuesday 1 Feb 2011 11:00am | PC | 1

Wow! Winners!

The winners of our WoW headset competition have been determined
Monday 17 Jan 2011 11:30am | PC | 4

Blizzard's Release Schedule Leaked?

An image is making it's way around the 'net, purporting to be Blizzard's release schedule for the next five years. It includes everything up...
Thursday 2 Dec 2010 11:22am | PC | 2

Blizzard Patrolling WoW For Virtual Perverts

The World of Warcraft town of Goldshire is about to get a little safer. A Blizzard rep announced today that the World of Warcraft
Friday 6 Aug 2010 11:45am | PC | 1

Blizzard to Kill Anonymity on Their Forum

Blizzard fans will soon be required to use their real names on their forum. As part of a strategy to combat flame wars and
Wednesday 7 Jul 2010 1:15pm | PC | 11

Pricey World of Warcraft Beast Makes Millions today posted that players have shelled out over $3 mil (USD) - and counting - for World of Warcraft's latest virtual beast: the...
Friday 16 Apr 2010 7:00pm | PC | 13

BlizzCon Dated for October

Blizzard today announced their annual games convention, BlizzCon will be on in California from Saturday, October 23 and Sunday, October 24 (NZ...
Friday 26 Mar 2010 10:58am | PC | 4

Player Finishes World of Warcraft

CVG are reporting that a World of Warcraft player, going by the handle “Little Gray” has “finished” said MMORPG by completing all of...
Sunday 6 Dec 2009 6:00pm | PC | 18

Blizzard Celebrates 15 Years of Warcraft

Happy Anniversary to World of Warcraft and its parent series, Warcraft. Blizzard’s popular MMORPG and classic RTS series celebrate their 5th...
Tuesday 24 Nov 2009 2:02pm | PC | 16

Online Gamers Increasingly Targeted by Login Thieves

A recent study released by Microsoft has confirmed what many gamers have suspected for sometime - online gamers are increasingly becoming the...
Wednesday 4 Nov 2009 9:00am | PC | 6

Ozzy Osbourne to Headline Blizzcon Concert

Blizzard has announced that heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbounrne will headlining the closing concert at this year’s Blizzcon. Tickets for the...
Wednesday 12 Aug 2009 3:34pm | PC | 7

Director & Producer Confirmed for World of Warcraft Flick has confirmed that Spiderman director Sam Raimi will be directing a film based on Blizzard’s World of Warcraft franchise, while...
Wednesday 22 Jul 2009 7:05pm | PC | 9

Blizzard: We Chose Activision

World of Warcraft developer Blizzard Entertainment was instrumental in the choice of Activision as the partner for Vivendi Games' merger,...
Tuesday 1 Jul 2008 6:51am | PC

WoW Makes Another Milestone

Blizzard's World of Warcraft has recorded its largest amount of concurrent users since the role-playing game's launch in the region during...
Tuesday 15 Apr 2008 7:03am | PC

Blizzard Sues MMO Glider Creator

Blizzard has sued Michael Donnelly, creator of the MMO Glider program which automatically performs key tasks in World of Warcraft. According...
Friday 28 Mar 2008 5:47am | PC

Investors Sue Activision

An investment group has sued Activision over its impending merger with Vivendi, alleging that the company directors failed to obtain the best...
Wednesday 27 Feb 2008 7:54am | PC

Vivendi Makes $1.2 Billion Thanks to WoW

Vivendi has released its financial results for the full year 2007, showing a 9.7 per cent increase in revenues to EUR 21,657 million. The...
Thursday 31 Jan 2008 6:13pm | PC

WoW Now Has 10 Million Subs

Blizzard Entertainment announced today that subscribership for its World of Warcraft MMORPG recently passed the 10 million mark worldwide....
Wednesday 23 Jan 2008 10:31am | PC

Blizzard Confirms New MMO

A Blizzard community representative has confirmed on the US World of Warcraft forums that a number of jobs advertised by the company are for a...
Friday 14 Dec 2007 8:36am | PC

Played an MMO? Needs Your Help!

We're looking to run a feature on on people who play MMO's. The article will feature brief interviews with MMO gamers regarding...
Friday 5 Oct 2007 10:33am | PS3 | 360 | PC | 1

9 Million is a lot of WOW!

Blizzard Entertainment are unsurprisingly happy to announce they have reached, and completely destroyed yet another milestone. World of...
Wednesday 25 Jul 2007 1:13pm | PC

WoW Continues to Break Records

Blizzard announced today that World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade sold through approximately 3.5 million copies within one month following...
Thursday 8 Mar 2007 9:09am | PC

WoW Fire Festival Begins Today

A time of ancient magic and tradition, the Midsummer Fire Festival is a time of joyous celebration which begins on the longest day of the...
Wednesday 21 Jun 2006 9:23am | PC

World Of Warcraft Hits 3.5 Million Users

Blizzard Entertainment, today announced that World of Warcraft, its subscription-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game, has...
Friday 22 Jul 2005 4:25pm | PC

2 Million World of Warcraft Subscribers

Blizzard Entertainment today announced that World of Warcraft, the company's highly acclaimed subscription-based massively multiplayer online...
Wednesday 15 Jun 2005 5:17pm | PC

PvP Battlegrounds Launches

Blizzard today announced the release of the first two player-vs.-player Battlegrounds for World of Warcraft. Featuring distinctly different...
Wednesday 8 Jun 2005 11:17am | PC

Addicted to Games?

Online gamers have on many occasion been privy to play for overly long stretches, temporarily removing the need for food, sleep and their...
Tuesday 22 Feb 2005 7:26pm | PC

WoW Dominates Holiday Sales

Blizzard Entertainment today announced that World of Warcraft has sold through more than 600,000 units to customers in North America,...
Tuesday 11 Jan 2005 10:48pm | PC

World Of Warcraft Flying Off Shelves

Yes folks, Blizzard have done it again. World of Warcraft, Blizzard�s new MMORPG based in the Warcraft universe, is currently flying off...
Friday 26 Nov 2004 3:40pm | PC

World of Warcraft Australasian Release

Blizzard Entertainment announced that its eagerly awaited massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) World of Warcraft will be in...
Saturday 6 Nov 2004 7:43pm | PC