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Hi I'm James from FreddlePopGames.


My Wife and I started up FreddlePopGameS by creating a twitch and youtube channel to make the most of the technology we have in our home. 

Maddy knows nothing about games and comes from a sad and unfortunate upbringing where games weren't ever apart of their family fun, but now being married to me she has no choice.


I have at some point owned every gaming system by Sega, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft and my gaming adventures started all the way back on the Amstrad in the 80's. I did at one point own New Zealand's biggest Legend of Zelda collection but sold it just before I got married. You may have seen it as I was on this site under the identity OrkMischief.


We're both members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (mormons) and the aim is to keep our online efforts family friendly and open to everyone of all ages. Although in saying that I do have a deep love for survival horror games and will be playing these from time to time.


In the past I used to be highly competitive in games and in some games have my name in top leader-boards. However, I'm all graduated now from university with a degree in media and English and I currently work for the NZ government which doesn't allow me to have the time to put into games like I used to. Now I play for fun and I actually get much more enjoyment from it by not taking gaming so seriously.   


You will find me playing games on my own, sometimes Maddy and I attempting to beat games together (which should be fun) and on other occasions us both sharing adventures we are up to. 


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Just search FreddlePopGameS.

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