Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty

Published Friday 12 Dec 2008 5:42pm
Xbox 360

This is most probably the most fraudulent waste of time since counting the air bubbles in your marble collection... Assuming you have a marble collection... In which case, hi there!

I purchased this game for a very exorbitant fee at the Westfield EB games in Auckland. I cant quite recall the sum... Somewhere roundabouts the triple digits. I really should have seen the signs. It was pretty obviously an alternate history... With Nazis... Invading America. Let alone the massive gaping holes in the supposition that the third Reich would be capable of facing the communists, the defeated British empire, AND fly an army over the Atlantic with the ridiculous objective of trouncing the USA. It also took up a sizable chunk of the back of the box telling you that the rather forgettable soundtrack was composed by that guy from Lost. You know... The guy who's last name sounds like something you would order at a posh coffee shop.

Mmmm... Giacchino...

If we forget the stupidity of the Germans supposedly sending Stuka dive-bombers into the streets of a high-rise area, using outdated zeppelins, and parachuting into NY... The weapons are repetitive and weak, the graphics are nothing short of pathetic (considering it uses the unreal engine 3) and the plot is contrived. I once saw a short interview where one of the creators of the game said that the character you play was original because he is a simple construction worker... Not a supersoldier. Well... That much is true... But it makes even less sense when he sustains perceptibly more bullet wounds then his buddys up on the tower, and fails to keel over screaming for mercy. Speaking of bullets, the Germans are terrible shots. You can stand there trying to hit them - not strafing or anything - and they will just stop where they are and shoot at you ad infinitum. Which brings me to the aiming on your side of the pancake. The reticule is so twitchy and sensitive, that you will spend most of the game trying to get a hang of simply hitting you opponents at all. Ammo is in short supply as well, so just throw that into the bread mix, and you get something less then stellar... Something substantially less then fun.

I don't think I have to tell you the annoying ending, or the cliches throughout the rest of the campaign, or the bugs... Just stay away
from this game. It makes kittens cry.

"This is most probably the most fraudulent waste of time since counting the air bubbles in your marbl"
- Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty


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