NZGamer Icons: Villains Pack #1

NZGamer Icons: Villains Pack #1

Ever had someone ask you where your avatar is from? No?

You will if you use these.

Everyone wants to be a bad ass. It's a given. It's as sure a bet as the world is round, or that is sexy-cool. You've seen how forthcoming we are when it comes to sharing the wealth in our plentiful supply of competitions but we're not going to limit our generosity to that.

Want to look like a bad ass online? With NZGamer Icons: Villains Pack #1 (that was a mouthful), you can! By using them in forums or better yet, on MSN or other IM software, you can show off just how awesome you are.

Villains Pack #1 stars a Big Daddy, Bowser, a Brumak, Ganon, a Goomba, Heihachi Mishima, a Koopa, Krauser, Meta Knight, Pyramid Head, Dr. Robotnik (Eggman), Seifer Almasy, Sephiroth, Tyrant, and last but not least, Albert Wesker. The pack is the first of many, be sure to download it today!

Click to download Villains Pack #1 now!

If you haven't already...

Click to download Villains Pack #1 now!

Click to download Heroes Pack #1 now!

Click to download Heroes Pack #2 now!

Bit of an MSN noob? Here's how you can get the coolness injected into your MSN...

Step 1
Click on your name in the top box.

Step 2
Click on change display picture...

Step 3
Click on browse and navigate to where on your hard-drive you unzipped the icons.

Step 4
Select the icon of your choice and click OK - you're set!


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