E3 Predictions: Nintendo

E3 Predictions: Nintendo

Welcome to the second of four articles where I discuss what I hope, and think will turn up on stage at E3 this year. In my first piece, I talked about what I thought would hit the stages of the major third party publishers’ conferences (EA, Bethesda, and Ubisoft). Now I’ll delve into one of the big three – time for my Nintendo predictions!

Everything that follows is based purely on my personal wish list of stuff I want to see, mixed with a little guess work. For the more “out there” hopes and guesses I’ll do my best to give some thought as to why I think it’s time for that entry.

With all that said, let’s jump in.


Live Stream held on Wednesday 14th June @ 4:00am NZ Time


Hopes and Wishes!

  • I know, I know, we just had a Nintendo Direct telling us all about what new Pokemon games are coming – but honestly, it did nothing for me. I want a trailer for a full blown proper 3D (even cell-shaded like Zelda: BotW), modern-style, voice acted, all-ages Pokemon RPG, exclusively for the Switch
    • It’s a reboot of the franchise.The Pokemon RPGs have been handheld-only since the beginning, so with the hybrid nature of the Switch, let’s start from scratch, and make a title that will attempt to bring back lapsed fans, and make a new, enjoyable experience for everyone who has been playing the portable versions.
    • Set in multiple regions as you train for the Pokemon League, and have the player start in the Kanto region with Professor Oak.
    • You can recruit party members, just like Ash in the cartoon, but they are mostly there for moral support and conversations.
    • Have it be compatible with the Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter so fans of Sun, Moon and the older games can bring their favourite Pokemon with them.
  • New Metroid game for the Switch
    • Starring Samus Aran
    • Is fully voiced and teases a solid campaign
    • Not a first-person shooter, but some kind of modern take on the Metroidvania-style of play that plays with people’s expectations.
  • New Professor Layton game for the Switch – because puzzles and mysteries are awesome!
  • New Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game for the Switch – because… Well, what I said above, but with a courtroom twist!
  • New Donkey Kong game for the Switch – because why not?
  • New Kid Icarus game for the Switch – because we need fresh blood.
  • A new Nintendogs or Nintencats – because I don’t care if it’s stupid, I think Tamagotchi-like sims are cool. Let’s have the pet simulators come to the Switch

What I think we’ll actually see

  • Super Mario: Odyssey will be the focus of the live stream
    • We get a new trailer that shows off a bunch of the worlds
    • We are given a Q4 2017 release date
  • Splatoon 2 trailer
  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle trailer
    • Official release date announced
  • A trailer for the new Fire Emblem game

So that’s what I think Nintendo will showcase during their livestream. Agree? Disagree? Can’t wait to read what you all think is just around the corner, so sound off in the comments below, and lets all get excited about the coming week of awesome!


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Comments Comments (6)

Posted by AdamC
On Friday 9 Jun 2017 10:18 AM
That Pokemon game sounds too good to be true. Prove me wrong Nintendo
Posted by Ryzlin
On Friday 9 Jun 2017 12:34 PM
I doubt an open world Pokémon RPG, but it would be so nice.

I bet we'll see more of the 2DS XL, maybe even a pokemon ultra version
Posted by LukeB
On Friday 9 Jun 2017 12:50 PM
9 June 2017, 12:34 PM Reply to Ryzlin
I doubt an open world Pokémon RPG, but it would be so nice.

I bet we'll see more of the 2DS XL, maybe even a pokemon ultra version
Yeeeaaaahhhh - I doubt it'll happen too, but wouldn't it be cool! C'Mon Game Freak! Please give us this!
Posted by Jonathan-OverWorld
On Friday 9 Jun 2017 1:52 PM
That kind of Pokemon game will never happen sadly, at least not any time in the next few decades lol. Game Freak are way too conservative/lazy.
Posted by ptys
On Friday 9 Jun 2017 9:47 PM
Hope you're right, they'll have a few third party on-board to show sustainability, they haven't had a big E3 for sometime however.
Posted by ChimeraNZ
On Friday 9 Jun 2017 9:55 PM
Advance Wars! Pleaaaaaaaaase