Destiny House of Wolves: Interview with David Dague

Destiny House of Wolves: Interview with David Dague

With Destiny’s second major expansion - House of Wolves, releasing this week we were able to have a chat with Bungie’s Community Manager for Destiny, David Dague, who gamers may know more commonly as “DeeJ”.

Moving up from well known community member to employee, DeeJ has been the go-to man when it comes to Bungie’s news and information since he started working at iconic company back in November of 2011.

So without further adieu, here’s DeeJ talking about Destiny Expansion Pack II: House of Wolves:

Thanks for taking the time to answer a few of our questions David.

For those who haven’t been following the latest Destiny news and updates, what is House of Wolves?

House of Wolves is the next expansion for Destiny. Guardians have been summoned to The Reef by the Awoken to hunt down the traitorous Fallen House who answered their mercy with betrayal. This is the next adventure for players new and old.

Players and press alike have praised Destiny for the quality of the gameplay, and the density of the lore, yet criticize the storytelling methods used in both the main campaign and that of the first DLC pack, The Dark Below. What will the House of Wolves DLC be doing storytelling-wise to enthrall those who have stuck with Destiny, but more importantly, entice new and lapsed players who crave the style of the science fiction narrative gamers came to expect from Bungie based on your previous works?

We’re introducing players to new characters who will send them back into the wild on quests of justice and revenge. An unexpected alliance with the Awoken gives us a chance to see the world of Destiny from a different perspective. The agents of The Reef have new and exciting reasons for you to fight your enemies.

Now that Guardians will ostensibly be working alongside the Queen and her realm, what benefits will there be for having a higher rank with the Queen due to the Queen’s Wrath bounties and strikes?

Sweet loot! Destiny rewards Guardians for their bravery. Players are always striving for another way to distinguish their character or that next upgrade for their arsenal. The riches of the Queen’s realm are in play, and increasing reputation is a great way to acquire new items before everyone else on your Friends List.

With a higher level cap and entirely new hub area being opened up for Guardians who own the House of Wolves DLC to explore and receive missions in, what, if any, changes will players see throughout the rest of the game?

These surprises are best left for the players to discover. There are brand new spaces in destinations they have come to know where they’ll be expected to battle new foes. New missions will also send Guardians to explore spaces that have changed drastically in the events of the House of Wolves story arc.

Will this new expansion affect in any way the level cap, planets, locations, raids, or strike missions for those who have not purchased the latest, or any of the DLC?

Every player of Destiny will still have plenty of ways to enjoy Destiny. House of Wolves is an expansion for those who want to push the boundaries of their own, personal adventure. For everyone else, there will even be new inventory on display in the Tower to acquire and upgrade.

What can you tell us about any changes made to existing enemy types we might encounter, and what, if any, new foes we might be up against in this new content?

This new Fallen threat is packed with surprises. They’ll be fighting you with new weapons that you can turn against them. They’ll have new vehicles you can commandeer in the heat of battle. Their controlled territory will be riddled with unknown hazards. They could even be on a mission to acquire deadly technology that will make them even more dangerous. This hunt is equal parts mystery and revenge.

And finally, will there be missions set on new maps or regions based in and around the Reef, and what sort of areas can we expect to be fighting and exploring in?

The Prison of Elders is the most notable change in the landscape. The new Destiny endgame will send you deep within The Reef complex to engage in combat against enemies captured by the Queen. Each cell provides a unique space to battle every species of alien that has threatened our world in Destiny.

Once again, thanks for you time.

To keep up to date with what DeeJ is doing, you can follow him via Twitter, or check out his posts on the Destiny News page at

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