Battlefield 3 End Game Review

Battlefield 3 End Game Review

There's one last expansion before Battlefield 4..

End Game is Battlefield 3′s fifth (and final) expansion. It introduces new vehicles, new maps, and - most surprisingly - two new game modes including Capture the Flag. Many will probably be wondering why it has taken so long to include such a classic multiplayer mode, but we’re pleased to announce it is certainly worth the wait.

Despite all that, the main drawcard for this new expansion is the carefree addition of one new vehicle - the trusty dirt bike. While Battlefield 3 has earned a reputation as a ‘slower burn’ shooter than say, its rival Call of Duty, these speedy and maneuverable dirt bikes go a long way to changing all of that. They allow players to zip between the different war zones quickly and often undetected, thanks to their small size.

You can even buddy up and have a fellow comrade straddle you from behind (no homo) on the back of one of them. While you drive, another team-mate can take up aim and cover your back... quite literally. Dirt bike chase sequences are definitely the highlight of End Game and are worth the price of admission alone. As with all vehicles in Battlefield 3, it takes some practice before you master the controls. But it’s all worth it when you pull off a sick wheelie in the middle of a warzone like some sort of mad cowboy.

As you might imagine, these bikes are also perfect for the new Capture the Flag gameplay mode. Their swift and agile nature allow small teams to quickly infiltrate and disappear with the enemy flag. It’s such a simple concept, but this combination gives Battlefield 3 a distinctly different feel. The action is faster, more intense, and even more hectic than the original (and the original was pretty hectic.)

Even without dirtbikes, the overall action is intense in Capture the Flag mode. While all the other modes are team orientated, here it puts a whole new emphasis on teamwork as players scramble to locate and steal their opponent’s flag. You’ll need efficient poachers, eagle-eyed protectors, and overall tactics to ensure victory. Sadly, there is no guarantee you’ll get an intelligent team like this online (in fact, often it’s the opposite.) But, when everything clicks into place, End Game delivers mind-blowing online shooting goodness with a new twist.

As players will expect, End Game comes with four new maps in a similar fashion to earlier DLC. Each one is themed to a season, featuring Kiasar Railroad (Spring), Nebandan Flats (Summer), Operation Riverside (Fall), and Sabalan Pipeline (Winter). They are all beautiful to look at, but more importantly intelligently designed to create epic battlefields and variety to the action. The maps are also built with bikes in mind, featuring narrow passages and plenty of insane ramps to launch yourself from, screaming like a loon with a rifle in your hand.

Aside from Capture the Flag, the other new multiplayer mode that End Game brings to Battlefield 3 is Air Superiority. Those who played the earlier DLC, Armored Kill, will know of Tank Superiority and this is essentially the airborne equivalent. Here you have 12 players split into two teams where everyone gets their own personal jet plane. As you can imagine, the skies above the battlefield soon turn into a gauntlet of heat seeking missiles and machine gun fire, as everyone engages in chaotic dog-fights. It’s a huge amount of fun, but again - pilots will need patience to master the controls and really dominate the skies. You’ll encounter plenty of newbs barrel-rolling into snowy mountains or slamming into trees - but this adds to the enjoyment anyway.

Air Superiority also restricts pilots from being able to eject themselves from their cockpits. As players of the series will attest, there is nothing more annoying than taking down a jet only to see the pilot harmlessly eject at the last minute. Now if you take down a plane, you get the kill you deserve.

Other than Capture the Flag and Air Superiority, the End Game DLC also includes new maps for the original modes Conquest, Rush, and Team Deathmatch - all of which add extra hours of gameplay. And for those who are keeping track, the second new vehicle is the Anti-air (AA) jeep. While hardly revolutionary, it slots in perfectly into the lineup to help strengthen the vehicular warfare that made the franchise such a success. These AA jeeps have probably been included to help balance the ground and air units, however they are strangely ineffective at actually taking down flying vehicles. It’s possible we just didn’t have the chops to use AA jeeps properly. But they have crap armour and are easily broken, so we didn’t stick around in them much.

End Game is easily the best DLC for Battlefield 3 to date and for 1,200 Microsoft points, it’s well worth the investment. It’s not only going to help tie you over until the next instalment, it will give you the same sort of rush you got when you first engaged online with Battlefield 3. We’re scratching our heads as to why DICE took so long to deliver this sort of goodness, but hot-diggity, it sure has us excited about Battlefield 4.


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Posted by tuftsdude
On Tuesday 30 Apr 2013 2:11 PM
There's no score at the bottom of the page :(
Posted by Waltman
On Tuesday 30 Apr 2013 3:16 PM
Looks awesome. Will definitely be jumping back in for some more BF3 action!
Posted by Shoel
On Wednesday 1 May 2013 1:10 PM
Wonder how many active players will hang around after BF4 hits. ..
Posted by Budinski420
On Wednesday 1 May 2013 5:04 PM
I'm really digging this expansion. CTF is my favourite game mode so its about time!

I hope BF4 launches with CTF.
Posted by Jas
On Wednesday 8 May 2013 1:46 PM
Might have to get this dlc, haven't
Posted by Gen_Elmo
On Wednesday 15 May 2013 11:18 AM
This expansion is real good. love the new mode except for the normal snipers that would rather sit up back and try pop long shots all game...... so annoying