PlayStation Announcements at Gamescom

PlayStation Announcements at Gamescom

The biggest European game conference is underway!

Sony's Press Conference at Gamescom in Germany this morning was typically eventful, with a lot of announcements squeezed into the hour-long show. We've put most of them up as news but, to ensure you didn't miss anything, and to update you on information that didn't make the news, we've compiled everything from the press conference into this one easy-to-read article.

New Games Announced

our new games were announced at the show, and a fifth - Killzone for PS Vita - was finally revealed.

  • Tearaway - A brand new game IP from Media Molecule; the team behind LittleBigPlanet. All the known information, including the trailer, is available here
  • Puppeteer - Developed by SCE Japan Studio (the team behind many of PlayStation's biggest brands, including LocoRoco, Patapon, Ape Escape, etc), Puppeteer is an interesting twist on the platforming genre. All the details, including a trailer for the new game, can be found here.
  • Until Dawn - A new, teen-film-like survival horror game for the PlayStation Move, which is heavily influence by the movies, is in development at Supermassive Games (Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, Start the Party!). You can catch up on the details, including a trailer for the title, here.
  • Rain - Also in development at SCE Japan Studios, the star of PSN platforming adventure game Rain is invisible. You can track his progress by the impact he makes on the world around him, however, opening up a host of intriguing interaction possibilities. Very little information was revealed for the game, but more is expected to be revealed soon.
  • Killzone: Mercenary - While we knew a Killzone was coming to Sony's handheld, this is the first time the title has been talked about since it was revealed alongside the PS Vita itself. A first-person shooter, the game is built on the same engine as Killzone 3. Playing as a mercenary, you'll be fighting alongside both the ISA and Helghast forces; so long as it pays, you'll do it. The first trailer for the game is available here.

Vita News

Sony made numerous Vita-related announcements, in addition to the games listed above, including new features, new firmware, and more.

  • New Firmware Coming Very Soon - Version 1.8 of the Vita's core functional software (known as firmware) is coming before the end of August. You can see a full list of the included functionality here
  • PSOne Classics - already supported on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable, Vita owners will also be able to play certain downloadable PS1 titles from August 28th. Full details of the announcement, what few there are, can be found here
  • Cross Buy - A new feature available to publishers is something Sony are referring to as "Cross Buy". In effect, what it means is that if you buy either the PS3 or PSVita version of certain games, you'll get a copy of the same game on the other platform for free. More details, including the first games that support Cross Buy, can be found here
  • New PS Vita Bundles - Three new hardware and software bundles were announced for the PlayStation Vita platform, adding to the special white Assassin's Creed console that was announced at E3 in June. The new bundles include a limited edition Call of Duty console as well as bundles that come with LittleBigPlanet and PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale

Known Game Updates

The show wasn't all new games and new Vita features, of course, and a number of key Sony franchises had new details, new media, or other new information revealed about them.

  • A new trailer was revealed for The Last of Us - you can see it here
  • New screenshots (below) and a new trailer were revealed for the upcoming God of War: Ascension, as well as news that a multiplayer beta for the game will be available soon.

  • There were several announcements and updates for Wonderbook, including: a stylish noir-style detective story called Diggs Nightcrawler, an interactive experience based on Walking with Dinosaurs, and the revelation that Disney are working to bring a number of their marquee properties to the augmented reality device.

Other News

To round out the information-packed conference, there were several other tidbits of information dropped in amongst the major news detailed above.

  • PS3 Essentials - a new, budget-priced range of re-released PlayStation 3 classics, priced at €19.99 ($30). Details as to exactly which titles will be included and what they'll be priced at locally have not yet been announced.
  • PlayStation Mobile - A new service that will operate across a number of devices, including some Android-powered smartphones and tablets, will also be launching on PlayStation Vita later this year. A number of titles were confirmed for the service during the conference, including Super Crate Box, Aqua Kitty, Samurai Beatdown, Passing Time, BeatSlider and Flick Hockey.
  • PlayStation Plus - a number of announcements were made, including the addition of Red Dead Redemption to the Instant Game Collection line-up and the fact that PS+ will be heading to Vita later this year. You can find out more about today's PS+ announcements here

Note: we expect that more Sony information will be revealed over the course of Gamescom, which runs through until Monday in New Zealand time; we'll keep updating this feature with each of the announcements as they come to hand, so be sure to check back from time to time if you'd like to see what else Sony have up their sleeves.


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Posted by ZombieRawkMachine
On Wednesday 15 Aug 2012 3:53 PM
Supermassive shouldnt be allowed to make another game ever again!
Posted by Syn-Ryn
On Wednesday 15 Aug 2012 4:24 PM
A horror game, for the move, from the makers of Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock?

All of my DONOTWANT.
Posted by emetic
On Wednesday 15 Aug 2012 9:23 PM
yaaaaaaay new stuff :D
Posted by McPhisto
On Friday 17 Aug 2012 5:38 AM
15 August 2012, 04:24 PM Reply to Syn-Ryn
A horror game, for the move, from the makers of Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock?

All of my DONOTWANT.
I thought that, and then I saw it demoed! It actually looks pretty damn cool, as I'll probably say in my writeup. Of course, I'm remaining cautious until I can play a good chunk myself, but they seem to be doing well so far…
Posted by ByrdmanNZ
On Friday 17 Aug 2012 8:03 AM
yay Red Dead Redemption for plus ive been meaning to buy this game for so long now i dont have to:)