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Death Magnetic

Published Friday 5 Sep 2008 7:22pm | 15
Tags: Music, FaPo, Metallica, Tom, Halcyon

Punk-Rock, New-wave and Grunge tried to kill the metal, But they failed, as they were stricken down to the ground.

Metallica and Bob-Rock somehow managed to "kill the metal" when they released the much anticipated "Saint Anger" album (anyone remember that one?) an album so appalling I didn't have to buy it, it was given to me from Brad Turner, brand new, the day after it was released.

How did they become so disconnected from their fans people asked? of course they'd release a cash-cow DVD showing us exactly how, apparently metal fans don't want long guitar riffs, they enjoy more punky - less technical drums, and psychiatrists need to be part of the creative process.
Who cares if all the metal heads I know are all about technical guitar, technical drums and un-legible Finnish lyrics? Lars doesn't agree.

When whispers of the new album "Death Magnetic" surfaced, I was, well largely un-interested, but I'm happy to say after giving it a try (due to several peoples praise) it isn't absolute sh*t.
I wont tell you which songs I liked the best, but tell you what to miss (if you don't want to hate this album right away)

The End Of The Line
- utterly sh*t, reminded me alot of St Anger, some of the cheapest lyrics i've heard spewed from Hetfeilds mouth, very "fuel" soundy.
The Day That Never Comes - parts of it sound like they've just re-hashed Fixxxer and low mans lyric, which wouldn't be so bad as they're both awesome songs - except your looking for reasons to hate this album.
Cyanide - I like this one, but you'll hate it because its very "Saint Angery"
The Unforgiven III - The most anticipated song on the album (for me)... and it was utter bullsh*t, great that the guys threw in a hefty intro, thank f**k that Kirk seems to have been unleashed with a guitar.
This is an Unforgiven song though, there were two (f**king fantastic) predecessors too it, Jame's you used to be able to sing dude, what the f**k happened? getting off the juice f**k you up? or maybe you really are just out of touch.

Another "Samey" attempt from a bunch of old has-beens.

All up, worthy of a listen, but listen up Metallica friends, probably not worth forking out $34 for.


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Comments (15)

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On Saturday 6 Sep 2008 12:58 PM Posted by BlackRetina
Well, it's nice to know what songs not to listen to. Are you sure it's only 4?
On Saturday 6 Sep 2008 10:24 PM Posted by howzit
TDTNC is a crowd pleaser. TEOTL is a fucking mean song with a mean riff. Cyanide is awesome. Unforgiven 3 is a bit of a let down i guess, but still good.
stupidlikeafox NZGamer.com VIP VIP Gold
On Sunday 7 Sep 2008 2:05 AM Posted by stupidlikeafox
TDTNC a crowd-pleaser? ive only heard the song 3 or 4 times but man. i am NOT part of that pleased crowd. maybe itll warm on me after a few more plays...
On Sunday 7 Sep 2008 8:44 AM Posted by howzit
Because the album isn't legally out yet?
On Monday 8 Sep 2008 11:09 AM Posted by Ruptunex
Still don't think i'll listen to the album any time soon. May do though. If i can be bothered
On Monday 8 Sep 2008 5:07 PM Posted by alienhominid
so were did you get it from anyways?
On Monday 8 Sep 2008 6:01 PM Posted by Goku
Metallica has never been as good as their hype..
On Tuesday 9 Sep 2008 3:26 PM Posted by Ruptunex
It's called the internet, AH, you may have heard of it.
On Wednesday 10 Sep 2008 7:39 PM Posted by howzit
Metallica have always lived up to the hype, bar St. Anger of course.
On Wednesday 10 Sep 2008 7:41 PM Posted by howzit
Alien, it's called torrent and warez sites ;-)
Dogonabus NZGamer.com VIP VIP Bronze
On Thursday 11 Sep 2008 8:08 PM Posted by Dogonabus
I was hoping to do my own blog about this record, being that Metallica sort of feel like 'my' band - you know, everyone has one that feels like their own, right? Anyway, thanks FaPo for saving me the hassle. I have avoided up til now listening to TDTNC and wish I had have gone on avoiding... Metallica... what happened?
On Sunday 14 Sep 2008 10:03 AM Posted by alienhominid
Just dl'ed it last night haven't listened to the whole album yet but so far I'm glad i didn't pay for it
On Monday 13 Oct 2008 1:59 PM Posted by arnies
Unforgiven 3 is awesome
On Monday 13 Oct 2008 2:35 PM Posted by Ruptunex
It is? Unforgiven 2 is my fave metallica song
On Thursday 20 Nov 2008 8:38 PM Posted by cute_maori
Awesome blog. 5 stars.