Shameful Shady Acts From Shadow Of War Publishers

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Thats it. The gaming industry has officially gone beyond evil, way beyond the realms of micro transactions, seasons passes and expensive DLC that have caused uproar in the recent years. Recent events in regards to a certain Lord of the Rings themed game have shown that Game publishers are nothing but demonic money eating death robots with no interest in respect for humans or especially the gullible gamer.

The game I am referring to is of course the upcoming Middle Earth Shadow of War , a game which pitches you against hordes of orcs, a complex “nemesis system” that creates original scenarios for every player and the ability to ride dragons. Sounds good on paper right? Hell the first game Shadow of Mordor was a sleeper hit, coming out at a time relatively early in the current generations lifestyle when there weren't many good titles around. I even chased down the platinum for this game as I was having so much fun with it, I spent countless hours cutting of heads of orcs and was, until fairly recently super excited for the upcoming sequel. Now whats the problem you ask?





Well firstly the Shadow of War has introduced Loot boxes to a mostly single player game, so basically encouraging gambling by offering random bonuses and powers and characters. Yes you can earn these boxes your self but it will take countless hours and probably a bit of a grind.  While this has been a recent trend in games its not a huge problem as most of are used to these money hunting tactics by now. While it still making me less excited its not the the big one. No the real problem is Warner Brothers benefiting off a thinly veiled charity drive.

A little back story, Michael Forgey, a developer on the original game. (who tragically passed away from cancer during the games development) has been recreated in game as Forthog Ocrslayer, a kind of mysterious stranger type secret character that comes as DLC and a fitting tribute to one of the original games developers and what should seem a great memoriam, has been tarnished by the evil Warner Brothers corporation, Now I honestly still cant believe it but WB is charging $5.00 (USD) and only donating $3.50 to charity.This means that Warner Brothers are profiting form this, which is absolutely unacceptable. Basically profiting from cancer, its just that bad.




Now I honestly believe that this started of with the games developers with the best intentions and is actually a really cool idea to pay tribute to someone in the games industry. I feel like Warner Brothers have twisted it and ruined something great, why do the need to charge for this all? couldn't it just have been a free DLC secret character? or just come in included with the game?

I agree it is great that they are donating money to charity but the problem is there are better ways to do so, there maybe overhead cost that the extra $1.50 could relate to and maybe WB isn't profiting but couldn’t they have just matched the cost of how ever many downloads there were of DLC and donated that to charity? it seems like a more simple way to do it,  and more honourable but I guess this is the the games industry we are talking about. 


Recent trends shown by Betheseda like releasing the DLC for DOOM for free and the way CDprojeckt Red released their initial DLC for free with The Witcher 3 gave me real hope for the industry, funnily enough people like being treated with respect and will show this with their wallet when it comes to games. Theres a reason why these companies are doing well. However what ever progress that has been made between game developers/ publishers takes a massive hit when ugly missteps like this Warner Brothers incident happen.


I think this could have been handed a lot better and with more respect, a real shame that even if WB are not making profit from it the whole incident has cast shade on to the whole tribute and the game screwups like this will make people lose respect and excitement for the game. I feel more  “meh” than “shut up and take my money” now towards the game.




Its a real shame and its a real shady act from the Publishers of Shadow of War.



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Posted by Rocky1986
On Sunday 24 Sep 2017 8:55 PM
Well said mate.
Posted by dsinnz
On Monday 25 Sep 2017 3:52 AM
24 September 2017, 08:55 PM Reply to Rocky1986
Well said mate.
Thanks Rocky!
Posted by dsinnz
On Friday 29 Sep 2017 9:02 AM
Theres actually been a great news update on this :
Turns Out WB will be giving the DLC away for free now and donating the rest to Charity of his family.
Bout time warner brothers.
Posted by cortez72
On Wednesday 25 Oct 2017 9:21 AM
You’ll find that most gaming communities feel the same as you do on this matter. Forums all over are littered with talk about the present state of micro transaction. There are a lot of people unnecessarily supporting their favourite titles, trying to stop the ride from turning, but gamers are starting to speak with their wallets.

WB are suggesting the failure of the game to live up to fiscal ecpectations, compared to the Arkham games, is because it’s ‘not Batman.’ In the meantime they don’t have an answer for how the game made less money at launch than the previous Shadows of Mordor!