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Born to an ancient ninja clan djkicks served in a dojo in Auckland, New Zealand. He is proficient with the longbow, samurai sword, throwing stars, and nunchaku sticks, and is an 8th degree black belt in at least 5 martial arts. Djkicks is the last Grand Master of the Arashi kage Ninja Clan. Drawing from generations of secret lore and years of intense combat experience djkicks utilizes (and occasionally teaches) such esoteric techniques as the �Cloak of Chameleon� and �Screaming Whirlwind.�

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University (part 2)

The highly anticipated sequel to “University part 1”
Published Friday 23 Jan 2009 11:29am | 40

University (part 1)

I went to Uni. It was fun.
Published Tuesday 20 Jan 2009 8:57pm | 28

Gifts for the non-gamer

Confused about what to get someone who does not like video games? I have some ideas for you.
Published Sunday 14 Dec 2008 5:49pm | 15


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