Wolfenstein: The New Order

Published Saturday 7 Jun 2014 10:58pm
PlayStation 4

Wolfenstein the new order has you not killing Nazi's but this time the russian's who with their bear cav... yeah it's still Nazi's.

So the Wolfenstein the new order. This game follows the timeline from Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein and now this one and starts off with the allies launching a last ditch effort to take out General Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strauss who is responsible for giving the Nazi's powerful technological weapons that are smashing the allies to bits. You are William "B.J." Blazkowicz from the last couple of games and are helping the attack but well it all goes wrong and you end up in a coma and wake up 16 years later only to find thanks to their tech the Nazi's won WWII but this isn't going to stop you and you quickly seek out those who still fight to bring them down.

Yeah the story and plot is nothing special but it does the job well and I have to say the bits Deathshead is in are great as he's just so well done but the rest with the exception of your pilot from the start Fergus Reid kind of fall flat. Still we're not here for a story we're here to shoot the crap out of Nazi's. One thing is at one point in the story there is a choice that will affect it but the levels are the same either way and it only really changes some cut scenes and whether you want to get armor or health upgrades. Yeah they put those separate which is annoying.

Well good news if all you want to do is charge down a corridor and gun down nazi's while duel wielding machine guns you can do that. However if you want to be stealthy and pick them off one by one you can do that to. This I feel is Wolfensteins strongest point the fact you can play it like your playing the old one, or being a sneaky bastard or having shoot outs behind cover all of these play styles work though there are some cases where you have to resort to one but these aren't that common bar a couple of arena based areas and the bosses.

So gameplay and I'm just going straight to specifics here as it's a FPS you point a gun at people and shoot them it doesn't do anything new here.

The levels are mostly linear with clear start and end points but there are plenty of open areas and ways to get from point a to point b that you hardly notice and with collectibles scattered around it encourages exploring and all the environments are nice from Berlin, to a prison camp and even the moon because of course the Nazi's have a moon base.

The guns well you have pistol, assault rifles, automatic shotgun, marksman rifle and a laser gun along with throwing knives and tesla grenades. Kind of limited yes but each gun has a secondary fire mode with pistol being silenced, assault rifle becoming a rocket launcher, shotgun the ability to fire bullets round corners, the rifle a smg and the laser the ability to cut through grates and mesh fences to get around the environment. There are also heavy machine guns you can find from certain enemies or turrets and pistols, shotguns and assault rifles can be duel wielded. Still even with this I just kind of wanted to have one or two fun things that the Nazi's could have made like a tesla rifle or something so a bit of a shame the weapons are okay but just nothing outstanding even the lasergun.

How about enemies? Well there are a shit ton of Nazi soldiers most wielding assault rifles but a couple of heavily armored ones pack shotties and rockets. Apart from that you got dogs, really big robot dogs, robots, super-soldiers and drones.... yeah. Thankfully the AI is mostly okay with them though there were a couple of times where a soldier deciding leaving his post while I was wielding a machine gun was a smart move. Still again like the guns just wish for a couple more funky ones with the tech. Still the bosses are all good and thankfully only one has shoot certain weak points the others are unload everything you've got on the buggers and dodge what they fire at you.

So difficulty? Well played through it on the standard normal difficulty and then hard and if FPS shooters are your thing I would recommend hard as while I did die in normal it was mainly due to me mucking up as armor and health aren't to hard to come by and it does the whole segmented health regen in 20 bits so say you start at 100 and go down to 67 it will regenerate to 80 but you need health packs to go back to 100. Damage wise as long as you have armor you can take a bit of a pummeling but once it goes be careful as even the basic troopers can quickly take down your health if your not careful. Also one interesting thing is you can overheal by picking up health packs while at full health which goes above your max but slowly ticks down as well. Still I like this as it means you can just instantly load up and go without having to back track after a fight to find some. Still most fights have plenty of cover so if things go badly you can get to a better position and the stealth option also works as I said.

So anything else? Well collectibles and these range from Nazi Gold, documents and recordings about events that happened like how the Nazi's beat Russia etc, albums and if you ever wanted to know what a 1960's Nazi controlled Europe Beatles song would sound this game has that and enigma codes. Now these are the most common and once you have got all for each of the 4 codes (each one takes 18 pieces to unlock) each of these unlocking a new mode with specific challenges to make the game harder and oh boy these do make it harder.

So overall how do I feel about it. It's.... okay. It's got good length, I had no performance issues and from what I've seen on a mates it runs decently on PC as well as long as your rigs decent, it does everything well but it's just missing something to give it that wow factor to really make it stand out. Wolfenstein the new order is a good FPS but that's all I can really say as there are a few things I feel that they could have added that would have made it better by exploring the fancy tech this game reveals it can have but does little with it. A shame really.

Wolfenstein: The New Order
"It does nothing revolutionary but still a solid FPS."
- Wolfenstein: The New Order


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Posted by KatalystaKaos
On Sunday 8 Jun 2014 9:39 PM
Nice review. Agree with you on most points especially the ho hum nature of the arsenal, with all that tech the Nazis supposedly developed there really was an opportunity for the developers to spice things up a bit.

Still over the game is a fantastic journey and a very welcome return to the single player experience of yesteryear, gave me flashbacks to classics like Ridd*ck Butcher Bay and even Half Life. Good length for a FPS , as you say Hard is the recommended setting, Surprisingly absorbing storyline. In general visually it looks great on PS4.

8 out 10 for me.
Posted by KatalystaKaos
On Sunday 8 Jun 2014 9:40 PM
^ Lol Ridd*ck Censored
Posted by drunk_monk
On Monday 9 Jun 2014 3:43 PM
good review.