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Well time to scratch that horror itch that I get. Now I looked at a few like Layers of Fear, finally considered giving Slenderman a go but then I discovered one available for free. Spooky’s house of jump scares. Well doesn’t look like much but let’s give it a go.


So Spooky’s House of Jump Scares has a simple story. There is a Big Spooky mansion on top of hill that not a lot of people know about so you decide to go and have a look. Inside you meet Spooky a girl ghost who explains this is her mansion and that to escape you will need to travel the 1000 rooms of her mansion to escape. Yeah that’s it really.

The gameplay itself is simple you play it in first person and walk and run down corridors and rooms going starting at 1 and going to 1000 with save points along the way. Most of the rooms and corridors are fairly similar though as you go through there are some puzzle rooms where you’ll need to remember a certain sequence to escape, have multiple paths with some leading to dead ends or rooms with multiple doors some being locked.

There are also some special rooms like the arcade room where you can play some pretty twisted versions of things like Pacman. There are also server rooms that explain things about the occupants of the mansion… the specimens.

The specimens are the enemies of the game and at first they are quite literally cardboard cut outs of spiders, skeletons, goo, tree stumps and pumpkins which look very cute and have a smiley faces. These don’t actually harm you but do suddenly appear and make very loud noises hence the jump scare part. Normally they don’t do much else bar get in the way but they work very well with the other specimens.

After going through the first 50 odd rooms the game starts to change and you will come across new rooms that will usually have a different look and not let you out till you read a note or discover something that you need to find. Doing so will open the door but you will hear the music change, hear something distorted and then turn around and OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT AND WHY IS IT MOVING TOWARDS ME.

Yes these are the true specimens and they are your true enemy. They will chase you not just in the room you’re in but for a countless number, may leave you alone for a couple and then SURPRISE they are back again. All you can do is run, you have no weapon and very little health which regenerates slowly so can only take a couple of hits so yeah turning around and running like a chicken is the best option.  The specimens are all inspired by certain horror creatures such as the Grudge, Silent Hill, Clock Tower and even that creepy guy that sell masks in Zelda. They also each act their own way with some being able to travel through the walls to make you think they are gone only to pop again a lot closer to you, leave traps around the place and some just change 10 or so rooms into their own little playground to torment you.

So onto the main question is it scary? To my surprise it actually kind of is in both the jump scare way and the screw with your mind way. With the jump scares it really comes down to the cardboard cut outs as by themselves those little guys are really not a lot. But when you’re being hunted down by one of the specimens and you’re on edge and then BOO that’s when they get you the little buggers. Also even when you’re not being chased there is that constant thought of will there be a specimen in the next room and if so is it one I’ve met or something new. This is also where the puzzle and maze rooms become your worst nightmare as you try and figure out the best way to go while these things chase you can cause you to make the wrong choice and suddenly take damage from the specimens.

So how about other things. Well the music and sounds are spot on and really help get you into the mood. The graphics will simple and cartoony I can’t say are to bad and actually kind of work as sure they look a bit silly but compared to the specimens that look warped, grotesque it makes them stand out which works in its favour.

As for length it will take you a couple of hours at most as you will spend most of your time running so getting through the rooms doesn’t take too long and there are save points every 50 rooms so even if you do get killed you’re not pushed back to the beginning.


Overall for a free game a surprising amount of work has gone into this and was pretty impressed. Can definitely recommend giving this one a go.


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