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Okay how the hell is this place still open? After the murders, security guard killing animatronics and everything else how is this place still running? Oh wait it’s a horror house now? Oh fair enough then.

Yes once again Five Nights at Freddy’s returns with some new tweaks, a new animatronic and a new place but does it stand up like its predecessors? Well let’s find out.

So story wise the game is set 30 years after FNAF where the place was shut down for good not long after the first game finished. Now however  a new house of horrors has been opened up based off the old Pizzeria and the murders that occurred. You play a new security guard who is guarding the place a week before it opens up. The first night is fine as no animatronics bar a box in your office full of the remains of the old ones and other parts scattered around the building but on the second night a colleague calls you and tells you they found one, a working one in a barricaded room at the old restaurant and they’ve brought it to the place. From then on you have to survive until morning again while this animatronic roams the halls and goes for you.

Now gameplay wise it’s still going through the same motion of watch the security cameras for the animatronic and make sure it doesn’t find you. Still there are some changes. The security camera system has two different maps it can watch. The standard rooms and the air vent system which you can switch between. The vents are also different then in 2 as instead of just being near the office they are now located all over the place and allow the animatronic to quickly travel from one place to another.

The game has also lost the flashlight and freddy head from the previous ones and added a noise button which when in the cameras you can make a balloon boy noise which the animatronic will go investigate… when it feels like it. Yeah this I found doesn’t always work and while that makes sense when you’re in a desperate spot and need him to go have a look and he doesn’t kind of sucks especially when it breaks.

Yes the systems break, the cameras, the audio and the ventilation and these need to be rebooted and when they are rebooting your completely vulnerable and have no idea what is going on but you need these to function so have to be careful.

Oh the ventilation that’s the other new thing. So this place is not properly ventilated and with the fumes and god knows what in this place you can have hallucinations. This is how the game combats that it only has one animatronic.

Now the animatronic himself Springtrap say hello Springtrap.

Thanks he really just does the standard thing though he does like to have staring contests with you and I will give the creator credit the animations are really good this time as you will see him run past your window, creep into your room and generally be more mobile than the others minus Foxy from past games. Still he’s only 1 so this is where the hallucinations come in. If your ventilation system fails you will begin to see old animatronics in certain camera screens or places in your office. For example one you will see is the a battered and broken freddy walking past your office window, vanishing and then when you turn to the door ”SURPRISE”… but you’re not dead, your character may be hyperventilating, vision going blurry and the ventilation system alarm going off but your alive and can recover. This is the same for all of them Foxy, Chica, Balloon Boy and the Puppet and while they look creepy take Foxy for example.

Poor Foxy the problem is they aren’t really a threat. Sure the first couple of times they’ll get you but by the end of it I just sighed if one triggered and let it play out being ready to restart the vent system.

In fact this is the game’s biggest problem it’s lost the fright factor. In FNAF 1 and 2 you had multiple things to be concerned off as any animatronic could kill you well minus Balloon Boy but he was just a d*ck by making it as soon as Foxy triggered you were boned but it did mean you were always on edge. This one each night can be summed up like this “find Springtrap, make sure he doesn’t get close, ignore the hallucinations as they are just distractions and reboot systems when needed” rinse and repeat.

Still one interesting thing is that at the end of each night a Atari styled mini game plays which are similar to the ones that played if you died in FNAF2 and after each night is finished one final one plays and the truth is revealed about the fate of the murderer from the stories lore and the children who were killed. Strangely however after doing this once I found there were multiple endings and found that during nights 2-5 there are different mini games which you can find certain security camera screens and completing these gets you different endings. Now these games are quite deceiving as while they look simple to actually do what you need to do you have to think outside the box which is clever but if you didn’t know beforehand it would be dumb luck a lot of the time.


So the questions is do I recommend FNAF3?

No… no I can’t recommend playing FNAF3. The game isn’t bad but it just isn’t good either. Unlike the others which were pretty scary and accomplished there goal of being a decent little horror game this one falls into the trap of repeating the same jump scares which getting tiring quickly and with only one real threat a lot of the suspense has gone as well. Also while I didn’t mention this earlier as I couldn’t really fit it in unlike the other two which did explain the mechanics in the early nights so you were weren’t totally in the dark this one doesn’t and while the camera system was pretty obvious the whole rebooting thing and whether making a noise actually worked or not wasn’t which made me wonder sometimes if it was needed or not and was more concerned with the lore.

 In fact this is what FNAF3 is. It ends the few remaining questions about the lore and creates a new animatronic and location to finish it off but that’s really it.

So while it is nice to have an ending really if you want to scare yourself go and get FNAF or 2 but give this one a miss.


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