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So it’s the time of year where despite it being the middle of summer you still see some ads on TV showing snow because Christmas… yeah. Anyway time to see what I’ve been given this year by the goblins and gnomes *goes over to the two only to find the goblins is a now a chicken and the gnome has been blown up by a bomb*. Oh not again oh well at least they left some Goblins vs Gnomes packs for Hearthstone.


So yes the first actual card expansion has arrived and been out for a few weeks. Now while we did have Naxxramas earlier in the year that was mainly a new gameplay mode and while the new cards that were added were nice it didn’t take to long for the good and the bad to be worked out. With Goblins vs Gnomes however this has added 120 new cards and while certain decks are starting to appear it’s clear a lot of tweaking is needed before the meta settles into a decent spot. A lot of this is because most of the new cards have some pretty interesting effects and randomness. So being the Hearthstone nut I am I’ve been playing it like crazy been making numerous decks and changes with varying results. The pure goblin deck was just as crazy as I thought it would be.


Still I thought I’d go over some of the changes to the game and then go for my favourite cards from the expansion.


So first the expansion made two main changes to the game. First the addition of the mech minion type. We had beasts, murlocs, demons and pirates and now mechs. This is the primary theme of the expansion with a majority of the new creatures being mechs or themed around mechs so as expected mech decks have been popping up every where. I’ve been experimenting with this as well and I’ve found them to be pretty decent though mech mage, mech rogue and mech warrior…. Okay that last one was a bad joke but anyway those 3 really work well though will be interesting to see what happens over the next month.


The other major addition is a spectator mode letting you spy on your friends while they play and make comments about their plays. Well not so much the last one that’s just what I do but it’s a nice addition and should make watching the tournaments a bit easier.


But anyway let’s get onto the main thing. The new cards. So as I said 120 added but these are the ones I personally like and love using.



This Annoy-o-Tron experience has been brought to you by Dark Lord Foamy. Yeah okay it basically does what it says and annoys your opponent. Statwise it's eh but being taunt and divine shield means your enemy has to put a decent amount of effort to kill it and being a mech synergizes well with mech decks. Not a bad little guy.

It's an exploding sheep what else do I have to say? But really it's not a bad little 2 drop minion and if your deck is based around late game this guy is good to have early on to deal with rush decks with lots of little minions. That and it's a exploding sheep.


Okay so I'm putting these 3 together because really they are the same thing just with different costs and stats. I love all 3 of them as not only are they decent minions but when they die they give you another minion in return. This has allowed me to win games e.g. getting Kel Thuzad from Sneed and Sneed coming straight back to life and also go horribly wrong e.g. Doomsayer from the Shredder and my board then exploding next turn. Still that's why I love em because they always tend to make the game entertaining.

And I thought the Mad Bomber made things interesting. This guy will do one of two things... make your scream yes when he wipes out your enemies board or kills them or make your cry no when he does the opposite to you. Either way it's usually entertaining.

So this little guy is interesting to use. While with he's usually used to help replace a damaged creature or turn something that's used it's battlecry into something more powerful the best use of this guy is with priest where you shadow madness a enemies minion, attack and then recombobulate it so it stays are yours. Yes I love doing this.

Oh dear lord Mogor. This guy just creates utter chaos. 2/2 punch the enemy 1/1 taunt *2/2 hit's the enemies face* right ummm 7/6 punch the 4/5 taunt *7/6 punches the 1/1 taunt*. Yeah while not competitive in any shape or form I love Mogor just for the fact he makes things completely chaotic as sure 50% chance but when it happens the results are usually quite funny.

Now here we just have a solid minion. While a 7/7 for 7 is pretty basic the boom bots are what makes him worth it as a couple of 1/1's are nice but when they explode and take take out a much tougher minion or put your opponent in lethal range then they are truly worth it. Not much else to say just a really good card.

Right onto the classes

Ahhhhhh who's a cute little robo cub? What it's a still a decent minion the cuteness is just a bonus.

So not a bad little card for the hunter and as a guy who runs a pure beast hunter deck I love it. Sure it can shoot and miss but when it hits and you get a turn 3 Savanah Highmare or something it's wonderful. But what really makes it good is when it hits.

Yeah had this guy out on turn 3 one time. Opponent was not happy. Gahz is a solid creature as a beast, decent stats and is a oh god deal with it quickly or it can one shot you kind of creature. Kind of want to build a hunter deck with him and a bunch of bombers. Probably not effective but will be worth it for when it works and cause massive overkill on my opponent.

Now there is random in Hearthstone and then there is the Unstable Portal. Of all the random cards in the game this one takes the cards as the most random of all. I've had webspinners,  Korkron Elite, Cabal Shadow Priest from this hell last game got a turn 5 ragnaros from this thing. It's random as all hell but damn is it satisfying when you get something that works and kind of annoying when you get a wisp. Damn you WISP!

Okay here are two cards that while decent when combined are pretty nasty. So you turn 3 muster and then spawn another guy on turn 4 and your opponent goes pffft 1/1's no threat then on turn 5 you play quarter master and punch your opponent in the face for 12. These cards both really help paladin as they let you flood the board with little guys early on and if some of them survive along with others you spawn you make them into decent creatures for the mid game. Nice little combo.

And this is why rogue mech is a thing. This guy is really good for mech decks buffing your minions constantly and yes he's squishy but rogue is quite good and making things stealthed so can hide from a lot of direct damage. He still hates AOE of course but with the buffs coming out you usually can deal with your opponent before that it is much of a problem.

So classes that usually run murloc decks. Druid and Warlock. Shaman was defintely not one that came to my mind. Still despite the murloc theme I still find him really good as he's a 7/7 who give you 4 cards and yes murlocs are not that good having 4 of them is still pretty decent and one game he gave me 3 Old Murk Eyes. Sudden murloc rushdown out of no where. So yes solid card.

Hey a decent demon that's pretty...

Wait what?

Oh my Blizzard you haven't?

Oh my you have.

You've made a demon deck viable! Now I'll admit I did kind of have a demon deck in the previous card set but it wasn't the greatest and did have some non-demons in it to at least get some wins. But these guys all help the demon deck out and actually make it a pretty decent deck. Granted you won't reach legendary rank with it but still demon decks are now good and actually quite nasty if done right. Wooooooooo.

This little guy is what made my enrage deck shoot up in power. Step 1. Play a bunch of enrage creatures + bersekers. Step 2. Next turn commanding shout so they don't die. Step 3. Play this. Step 4. WARRIOR SMASH! Yes it's a little random but if used correctly the damage this thing is does is pretty impressive though the randomness can be annoying.

Oh I love this guy. Hell my new favourite thing to do as a warrior in Hearthstone is play this, get the opponent to 10 health or under and then just wait. Granted there have been times where it's come out and not been that useful due to the position I was in but when the mine appears in your deck or your oppnoents you know 10 damage is working somewhere in your deck and it's just waiting... biding it's time... and then... boom.

You know what's annoying as priest? Lots of attack 4 minions on your opponents board. Know what's fun as priest? Shriking them and then using your shadow words or steal cards to deal with them. Yep Shrinkmeister is fun card and while it usually needs another card to work it's still a decent card for it's cost.

Vol'Jin another fun card. Opponent played big ass creature with sh*t ton of health. Swap it and then use a weak minion to kill the big one. Vol'Jin is a fun little card and helps the priest deal with really big creatures without having to use removal. Not so good vs aggro though. 

So there we go my favourite cards from the expansion and this not all of them. There are plenty of others and most of them are pretty solid cards but aren't anything to amazing though there are a couple of questionable ones and what it was with blizzard trying to make 3 cost 1/4 minions viable I have no idea. Still as usual the card packs cost the same as normal card packs and Hearthstone itself is still free so why not give them a go.


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